Nowadays, Germany has been on the mind of international students due to research opportunities, infrastructure, teaching system, low-cost studies, and career prospects, proving as one of the best studies abroad destination.The universities for higher education, universities of applied sciences and the college of art and music are spread across the country.The first thing you have to do once you get an offer letter from one of these universities in Germany, is to check out whether you need a
Germany student visa.

Generally,to get higher education from Germany many students don’t need the student visa, but they definitely need the residence permit. It depends on which country you’re coming from. Visa application is required to be submitted at the embassy office well before entering to Germany as the process will take few months to complete.

There are two kinds of visa granted to the foreign nationals, one is Schengen visa, and another is National visa. Students enrolled in language courses continuing not more than 3 months may apply for Schengen visa. This visa cannot be extended.
Countries which do not require German Visa to study
• Switzerland
• Liechtenstein
• Norway
• Iceland or any other European Country
Countries which require German Visa to study
• Canada
• New Zealand
• Japan
• US
• Australia
• Israel
• South Korea
• Andorra
• El Salvador
• Monaco
• Taiwan
• Brazil
• Honduras

Process of Applying Student Visa
If you are going for a Germany student visa, apply at least 3 months in prior to your travelling month. Contact your local consulate or local embassy of German for applying for the student visa.Go through the below Germany study visa requirements which needs to be followed.

• Application form which is completed
• Two photographs
• Valid Passport
• Admission Letter form a German University
• Transcript of your academic record
• German Language Proficiency Certificate
• Funding Proof
• Certificated regarding health insurance
• Declaration of authenticity for the submitted documents

Proofs stating zero criminal record has to be submitted to the embassy you are dealing with for the German visa along with the proof of funds justifying the amount required to survive in Germany.

International students intended to stay for more than 3 months should apply for a national visa. There are certain conditions abiding national visa.

• International students whose admission is not yet confirmed at the higher education institution can only apply for a prospective student visa. It is valid for 3 months and can be extended further for 6 months as a residence permit upon confirmation of admission.
• students can apply for normal student visa once admission is confirmed which can be converted to a residence permit valid for a maximum of 2 years.
• The residence permit is liable to be revoked if the study course is not fulfilled and discontinued in between.

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