The POSEC method of personal time management is one of the popular methods of time management strategies you can apply in your life.

POSEC stands for Prioritizing by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing.

Prioritizing means to put first things first. That is most important down to the least important. This is about how you use your time with your tasks in relation to your goals.

It is loosely based around the theory of Abraham Maslow regarding the hierarchy of needs. It gives you a realistic tool for setting your priorities as they pertain to your own unique needs and goals in life.

The second part of the POSEC method of time management is Organizing. The way you organize involves making your plan to work on goals that will help you feel more stable and secure. This involves the things you must do regularly so you will eventually succeed.

You should know that this is a plan for meeting your most basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and safety. This should include acceptance and love of other people.

About the Things that You Do

The third part of the method is Streamlining, which is about the things you may not like to do, but you must do somehow.

Streamlining applies to those dirty little jobs such as work and chores which are important for being able to live properly. It involves your managing and maintenance of your personal stability and security.

The fourth part of the POSEC method of time management is Economizing which refers to the things that should be done or things that are enjoyable. This includes activities like pastimes and socializing activities.

They may be fun and entertaining, but they are not urgent, such as submitting reports on deadlines. These are the ones that should be the least on your priorities of tasks.

The last and fifth part of the method of POSEC is Contributing. Contributing is about your social obligations. What you give back to the world. This involves giving or paying attention to the few remaining things that creates a difference.

According to the understanding of Maslow of the human psyche this becomes more feasible when your other goals are achieved.

Deeper Purpose of the Method

The POSEC method of time management does offer you a clear guidance for assisting in prioritizing your goals in life. In theory, this method should encourage movement upward on the hierarchy charts.

This method was created for the purpose of building your personal efficiency and for better effectiveness of a team working together.

Also, this method gives guidelines for helping the management set the goals of the employees in order of significance so they can do their work better. However, correct use and execution of this method determines the proper outcome.

The POSEC method of time management can be defined overall as a way to break down your main goals into smaller tasks and minor goals. This makes it easier to handle one minor goal after another until the major goals are finally accomplished.

Other advantages of this personal time management method are that it also gives you some prioritization of your social obligations and pastime activities aside from your focus on prioritizing tasks at your workplace.

However, some people would prefer simply focusing much of their priorities at work but work-life balance should not be forgotten.


The theories of Maslow are much related to this method of personal time management and it is helpful if the individual applying this method is familiar with his research regarding the Hierarchy of Needs.

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