Since I currently have a job at Unity Village pending, over the past few weeks, I have learned more about affirmative prayer than I could have ever hoped to have learned in my lifetime, almost. To start with, affirmative prayer consists of, first acknowledging (or calling forth, if you will) the Divine within yourself (e.g. your Higher Self or Christ Nature), then affirming that everything is in perfect Divine order and that the best result is on its way whether it is to occur in the near or far future.
I realize that this is completely different from the traditional prayer, which is called supplication prayer. Supplication prayer, as most of you probably know is begging God for something. It also works and it is the coin flip of affirmative prayer. Though one of the major disadvantages of supplication is that you narrow yourself to a specific thing that you believe you want to manifest. And it also indicates separation from God and the Divine.
To give an example, let’s say you’re currently trying to move to a new location and, naturally, you only want the best house or apartment for yourself and your family. With supplication prayer, you might say, “God, please help me find a good house (or apartment)” whereas with affirmative, you would affirm something along the lines of, “I am being guided to the perfect place for me and my family right here and now.”
As you can also see, unlike with supplication, with affirmative prayer, you basically make a contract with God and the Divine to stay open to whatever results may manifest and come forth. You also make a promise to yourself that you will keep faith and confidence that the best results will occur no matter what they may be, whether they occur in the near or far future and whether it doesn’t come in the way that you expect.
More importantly, affirmative prayer also encourages you to stay centered, calm and peaceful within yourself in the process. It allows you to enjoy the ride, so to speak, so that you’re much less likely to have extreme anxieties, panics or just general upsets along the way. Many, unfortunately, base their happiness on the word “when” and sometimes even “if”, basically sending the attitude of “I’ll be happy if/when I get this thing/this thing happens”. In reality, we can be happy at anytime we chose to be.
Especially when we’re in a state of extreme unhappiness, at times, the idea of ever being happy again is sometimes downright intimidating. In this case, it may take affirmative prayer along with a process of other things to get us back to our original state of happiness and peace. There is absolutely nothing wrong with “praying without ceasing”, which, in this case at least, means constantly affirming that everything is in perfect Divine order.
Affirmative prayer is healing in every sense one can think of. It promotes a mood of centeredness and calmness; it acknowledges that everything currently is and will continue to happen at the right time and that there is a process to it all. So are there any disadvantages? You might ask.
About the only true disadvantage that I can think of is when someone who has been raised with supplication prayer all their lives is not open to trying other ways of praying. But it’s not affirmative prayer itself that’s the disadvantage here; it’s the fact that the particular individual is (believe it or not) so afraid of the idea of going against their beliefs that they block everything else out. And when they do, you cannot force them to try affirmative prayer but you can affirm that they will make the best decisions for themselves and that their happiness is there waiting to come through the moment they allow it to.
Affirmative prayer can also be a quick way to calm yourself if you are feeling nervous. It has also been known to help heal sicknesses. I know because I have some personal experiences with mentally reciting the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23 nonstop when I was nauseous (one of my secrets there is reciting them more intensely as the nausea intensifies) and my nausea has literally dissipated with it before the vomit even reached close to my throat. It is not the most painless experience but at least the pain is very brief. And depending on the purpose of the particular illness and your current state of mind, you will not always be healed right away.
Affirmative prayer is a safe, non-denominational and rather unorthodox way of healing, centering and acknowledging the perfect Divine Order. I encourage you to test it out for yourself. Enjoy your results.

Author's Bio: 

Lacy S. Pierce currently works for a market research company on an on-call basis. She currently volunteers for the following: a homeless organization, a school mentoring program and a church bookstore. She is planning to go back to school to get her Master's in Art Therapy in the Fall of 2013.