Preserving our health as we age is something that concerns all of us. When our bodies are young, they seem so strong and resilient, but when we age things change considerably, and we become more and more vulnerable to breakdown and disease. We tend to think of this as natural and inevitable, but what we fail to realize is that just because something is natural does not mean it is also inevitable.

Perhaps the most significant factor in the decline in our health as we get older is the reduction in the ability of our bodies to produce human growth hormone, or HGH. While this hormone is best known for the vital role it plays in helping young people grow and mature in a healthy manner, HGH actually contributes to the health of the body in a variety of important ways. Fortunately, HGH pills are now available that can help reverse the body's age-related loss of HGH.

HGH at Work in the Human Body

There is a small gland in the brain called the pituitary that is responsible for the body's production of HGH. The pituitary is a fertile source of this hormone in the early years of human life, as HGH is a vital participant in the process by which humans grow throughout childhood and adolescence and into adulthood. After that, the pituitary will continue to make HGH, but from about the age of 20, the amount produced by the body gradually begins to decline. Nevertheless, human growth hormone continues to deliver benefits, helping to regulate cell reproduction and repair, supporting the healing work of the immune system, adding lean muscle mass while reducing the body's storage of fat, strengthening the bones and helping the brain function properly, among many other valuable contributions.

The decline in health that so many experience as they age is really the decline of the pituitary's ability to produce prodigious amounts of HGH, and the consequences are felt throughout the body's systems. By the time we reach the age of 60, our supplies of naturally produced HGH will be just 20% of what they were when levels were at their peak – unless we take action to reverse the trend.

Resisting the Seemingly Inevitable

The decline of the pituitary’s production and our HGH levels is natural, but it is not inevitable, because there are things that can be done to increase the levels of HGH in our bloodstreams no matter how old we are. One course of action is to have HGH injections, which are offered at clinics around the country even though, strictly speaking, these shots may not be 100% legal. These injections deliver doses of synthetic HGH directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the body's normal need to produce HGH itself. The problem with this approach is that injections of human growth hormone are extremely expensive. Also, there are at least some questions about how synthetic HGH acts in the body and whether or not it is truly as safe and as effective as the real thing.

For those who would prefer to let their own bodies do the work, there is a much less expensive option available: HGH oral supplements, including those that come in pill form. HGH pills and other supplements do not actually contain HGH, since this hormone cannot be passed to the bloodstream after digestion because the acids in the stomach will destroy it. Instead, supplements contain a mixture of ingredients that have a proven capacity to stimulate the body's ability to make HGH, even in those whose pituitaries have not been functioning at close to full strength for quite some time. In most cases, people who take HGH pills for a few weeks will begin to notice improvements in their health and their energy levels, as the increased HGH that the pituitary is suddenly making starts to work its magic.

HGH Pills for Life

The deterioration in our physical health and conditioning that accompanies aging is, in most cases reversible, if the body's process of HGH production can be re-invigorated. HGH pills contain a plethora of ingredients that can turn back the clock for the pituitary, allowing it to once again make prodigious amounts of a substance that holds the key to preserving youthful energy, appearance and functioning in the human body.

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