Wore goggles, the writer was sitting alone in the dhoti-kurta that suddenly his mind goes towards the poor villages. He is whispering in mind about poverty. What is the poverty?. How does the poverty increase?. How to finish it?. He lost his two hours for it. He comes out of his home and see there and here. He takes a stick to own and starts to walk straight.

He constantly walks an hour and set distance about 30 km. He saw a slum village. He stops here and looks around by strange. Only hut looks all sides and there was no building. Some sound comes from there it seems that some people are quarrelling with each other.

The writer goes ahead by slower and as soon as he enters into slum village. He feels bad smells of dirty wind, drain, mud, wine, pig and cattle ranching. He keeps handkerchief on the mouth and goes ahead by slower. He was stranger among villager. Villagers look towards the writer. But nobody dares to ask him. Who are you and from where are you come?.

He doesn’t see the way to go ahead and dirty water of drains is flowing in all sides. He thinks to return home that suddenly a sound come. Baba, go from there. The writer looked that one young man are beating own wife and some villager are looking there. He asked one of them what is matter. He replied that yesterday she had not gone to work and today they have no grain for cooking. Baba speaks that Hey God, how is this poverty and he goes ahead with sad mind.

After walking 5 minutes he saw that some ladies are talking to each other. There was some smart of those ladies, but the writer did not take an interest in those ladies because his mind was concentric on the poverty. Whispering in mind, he goes ahead that suddenly a 5 year old girl comes in front of him. She speaks. Baba, where are you going. The writer picked up her in the lap and asked him. Beti, What happened here. She replied by smiling that the wife of wine drinker man did not return home from four days. So everyone is discussing about it.

The writer asked her why did not she return. She replied that drinker doesn’t earn money. He quarrels with his wife. May be his wife has gone to his father’s home without telling anyone. The people understand she has fled away with anyone. The writer goes ahead straight.
At here, He hears the sounds of crying of women and he stops and try to understand that what is matter. He saw that some people are standing up by surrounding. He goes to them. He saw that dead bodies of two children has kept on the mat. He asked a villager that how did this happen. He replied that both children were suffering typhoid from a week. Due to lack of money and medicine, both children have died. Baba speaks. Hey god, how is this poverty. He saw a hotel at some distance.

He enters hotel and orders a tea. As soon as he takes a little of tea that his attention goes towards a man. He was sitting silently alone in a corner. The writer called him and started to ask about him. Why sit alone and silent. Being crying, He replied. The Sahab, my son is suffering from malaria from a month and I have no money. I asked for money from relative and people. No one did give money to help.

The writer gave Rs 300 and said. God protect you. The writer goes ahead with sad mind. He saw that a lady is getting out water from a pit for fishing. He asks her that from when, are you fishing here. Lady replied that Sahib, I am fishing from the morning today. But in this pit there are no fish so I will have to sleep starve.

The writer goes ahead with sad mind. He saw that some people are asking for money from rahgeer on the road side. Some child and women also were included in beggars group. All beggars were fit and young. Thinking about poverty The writer reaches home. After taking rest, He takes a pen, copy and starts write about poverty.

Poverty is a curse for any country. It is a symbol of backwardness of society and country. It ruins the people and never gives a chance to smile. The people that live below the poverty line they struggle hard for leading a life. They have no cloth, food, shelter and live in trouble. The Poverty is a hurdle in the country’s development.

The poor country has no better technologies, education, and treatment, communication. The poor country is backward in every field compared to developing country. There are no best hospital and school in the poor country. Due to Lack of money and education people use old pattern in the every field Such as farming, development, construction, communication.

Someone is poor by birth and someone is poor by work. Poor people are unable to face increasing dearness in life. They fall in the trap of poverty. Due to poverty, they work hard by birth and don’t find chance of going to school and become literate.

Due to poverty, poor people remain hungry for several days. They wear torn and dirty clothes. No one wants to come to them nor know about their bad situation. If they take lunch, then they don’t confirm for dinner. They live a whole life in the shadow of fear. There is no better school and hospital in the poor area.

Some people don’t tolerate Starvation and bad situation. Due to poverty, they choose the wrong profession, such as smuggling, stealing, cheating, prostitution, etc. By getting helpless, they adopt wrong profession for the living. Once poor people fall in the trap of wrong path, then they never come out of it.

Most poverty is in the village. Villagers have no more source of income. They depend on agriculture for the living. They use old pattern and don’t better return in the farming compared to their investment. Due to bad weather sometime they suffer more loss. Their crops ruin. They become hunt of starvation.

Most of the villagers are illiterate. They don’t get better education. They don’t get a good market for selling their grain. A lot of money of their income spends in wine, cinema, medical, court,etc. Whereby they never develop in life, nor save money. Sorrow, helplessness always looks on their faces.

At present, it is a matter of the development that poverty has decreased in the world. About 5% poverty is present in developing country as per their living standard. By starvation Now they don’t die such as before. They also get all necessary facilities and treatment.



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