Even as a little taker of six I had an opinion ! an dI stated it . wow How great was that ?? I would sit at the feet of my father and bask in the many renditions of Classical masters. I could hum most of the lead lines in these wonderful pieces, at that young age. There was something very cool in the energy of that old record( I thought ). as it went round and round on the turn table. Each circle releasing a hum of wonderful music. I was always amazed at how the little circles held all those many notes. wow !
Then there was my dad. Such a wonderful man. Such a great personality. we used to sing all the time. Old war songs and great oldies. He was a true high tenor, much to my poor mothers dismay and used to sing those high notes as robust as a bird on a wire. No, a bird on an electric wire. My poor mother, my pour neighbors. Now at 72 he is no less active in his voice and I join him when ever I can. and thank him for those wonderful years of happy songs and happy yellings!!!!
I always liked the happy songs. or more so the melodic songs. I liked sad songs too but they had to have a nice tune. A minor harmony-so to speak, Things that were full of disconnected sounds I just could not bear. I remember trying to learn “Bella Bartock” a Russian composer. He drove me up the wall, and I think I drove him to his grave, I am The poor man did not have much of a choice since he was not longer in the land of the living.Bless him, Mr. Bang Bang…… But a wonderful bang bang !!!! almost like Chitty Chitty bang bang……
I realize when I was a little older, that it was my spirit that drew those songs to me. What I was brought up with has been there with me like a blanket of joy. Even now I am so drawn to classic sounds and powerful compositions. It is like life to be. The power of the good sound. Like food for the soul.
I am encouraged to think that such talent and love could remain in the world. That such wonderful works of art and music and song can give us so much joy and power as we go from age to age.
Today I play mozart knowing that the great “ short man” is still humming his song in heaven and I get to perform his little part of the miracle. How lucky am I . I also believe that we need to teach our younger generation “Good Music” Not all banging instruments and rowdy sounds are good for the soul. It is true that new instruments and systems
are added to our society on a daily basis. However they are not always harmonious. There is power and there is always pain in the discourse of these sounds.
Teach your child to listen to the great masters even when they are toddlers. Teach them to feel from their spirit.
Love them with your choice of music and they too will learn to true power of love and peace and joy. From those who have felt and seen in the years long past. Give them great memories as you sit with them on the floor to enjoy another rendition of “the life of the composer” It will not be in vain. As all good things life and love comes in cycles to all of us. and today I see strands of the great classics coming through even in the noisy renderings that grace our charts. There is hope. There is love and most of all there is once again. Great Music. Amen.

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