You may not be aware that you have an unbreakable, personal connection to Source Energy. It does not matter what you call this energy – a Higher Power, the Cosmos, God, Allah, or your own Higher Self. The point is that there is a greater energy out there that is dynamic, enlightened, and loving.

When you allow yourself to be open to this power, life improves, opportunity comes your way, and harmony surrounds you. Decisions are easier to make, and you feel more peace and order in your life.

On the other hand, if you do not make the effort to be conscious of this power and nurture the communication, it can become difficult to receive the power that it is sending your way. This often happens right at the moments when you need this direction the most.

You can find yourself feeling lost and disconnected and without direction. At moments like this, it is easy to slip into negative behaviours and tendencies. It is when we are not listening to our inner voice that we can revert to our negative limitations and self sabotage patterns.

In other words, we lose our sense of self.

We all have weakness or blocks; a situation that can trigger this break in the connection.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your trigger is?

You might be surprised to realize that the trigger for many is their own moments of joy. When we are happy and satisfied, we start to take our connection with Source Energy for granted. We “forget” to maintain the practices and habits that help keep us on an even keel – things like meditation, exercise, nutrition or yoga.

The times you most need to maintain your focus are those moments when you achieve a goal or have some unforeseen stroke of luck. Stay grounded by working to maintain that connection with Source.

At other moments, you may be confronted with a challenge or obstacle that throws you off balance. You may feel unable to maintain your ability in moving through the difficulty, and instead of finding strength in yourself, you look outward for approval or security – only increasing your fear and lessening your connection to Source Energy.

It is time to own YOUR POWER.

To “Own Your Power” simply means that you are not letting fear stop you – you are living a purpose filled life that allows you to accept all the good that you deserve as well as share yourself with the world and all your divine gifts.

It means that you have faith in yourself to do what’s necessary to be successful and reach your goals, and you have faith in the knowledge that you, at all times have a connection to Source Energy.

To more exact, to OWN YOUR POWER is:

• To accept 100% responsibility when your life is not as you wish it to be instead of blaming others. Only you are living your life the decisions are yours, not anybody else’s.

• Believing in infinite opportunity and abundance instead of focusing on need or scarcity. You have the power to choose what you want in your life, choose well.

• Refusing to react to the situations around you; instead respond to the challenges in your life without shame or or placing blame.


Do you blame your unhappiness on a failed relationship, an unscrupulous business partner or parents who were not what you thought they should be? It is time to let those limiting thoughts go and learn from the experiences instead. You may find that these are blessings, leading you into a better place as you move forward.

• Be aware of the issues that can hook you back into negative thinking or behaviours – you do not have to take that bait by responding like you always did before. Remember you can not change other people; you can only change how you respond to them.

• People Pleasing. The need for approval can be destructive to your happiness. There will always be people who do not like you, do not understand you, or do not approve of your lifestyle.


• Where are you acting from, a place of power or from a place of obligation or guilt? If you are doing something and it does not feel right to you, then I suspect that you are acting from a place of obligation or some similar negative territory. Take time and think about this, are you making decisions from YOUR POWER or a place of sacrifice?

• The world does not need any more people working from scarcity and lack. The world needs those that are stepping into their power and working from a place of courage, belief and willing to step into the vast unknown and be open to guidance from Source Energy.


* Do what makes you happy. So, so simple, yes, but not always easy to implement. Make the effort, it is worth it.

* Learn to trust in your instincts, listen to your intuition.

* Make space in your life for YOU.

* Stop spending money to escape the life you do not like, invest in changing your life to one you LOVE.

* YOU ARE YOUR BEST ASSET. Live your best life.

Author's Bio: 

Zara has been involved in the spiritual/self development world for over 30 years and is passionate about empowering women and cool men to live their best life possible. She has been an entrepreneur all her adult life and has several successful businesses. She has a real empathy with plus size woman and in 2002 started her clothing company for women size 12+. Zara has her own clothing range and is committed to helping women of all sizes look and feel amazing, she now continues that passion by helping them step into their BRILLIANCE and live a truly abundant life with her Authentic Business Retreats tm programmes and mentoring.

Zara is an NLP Master, trained by the co-developer of NLP, Richard Bandler, Matrix Reimprinting Practioner, trained by the creator of MR, Karl Dawson, EFT Practioner, She is the creator of Authentic Business Bootcamp tm, The Art of Being tm and Divine Tapping tm.