You know how you sometimes find yourself reflecting upon people you’ve met in the past? I am always impressed by how some people can leave a lasting impression upon our lives, even as a result of the briefest of meetings. The person in this example is a little old man named Gym. Yes, that’s Gym with a “G,” as he was quick to point out upon our introduction. During the course of our conversation, which, in the end seemed much too short, Gym with a “G” managed to capture my attention with his very genuine stories about life and love and loss, and everything in between. For the most part, I merely listened; absorbed. Upon parting, he left me with a comment which I have since come to regard as one of the greatest compliments I have ever been given. Gym with a “G” said, “You know, young lady, I believe that you have a PMA, which is all too rare these days.”

“PMA?” I inquired.

“Yes,” he said, “A Positive Mental Attitude.”

And then Gym with a “G” exited my life just as suddenly as he had entered it, and I was left to ponder the importance of a PMA; a quest which continues to this day.

So, just how important is a Positive Mental Attitude in our day to day life? How much bearing does a PMA have on our overall happiness? On our attainment of goals and contributions to the world in which we live?

Gym would say it’s the number one determining factor in all of those things. And he would say so with a sort of blind faith that most of us have trouble accepting. For Gym, it was easy. For the rest of us, who require something more akin to scientific proof and social reinforcement, there is KPSA Radio.

The bi-weekly online radio show airs every 2nd and 4th Sunday evening at 7:00 PM and is hosted by Kristy Taylor; Health Science Professor, Author and Founder of Kristy, with the help of her noted guests, is dedicated to helping her listeners attain the success tools they need to achieve fulfillment in their lives, not the least of which is gaining and maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude.

Thomas Jefferson was ahead of his time when he said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” And Gym with a “G” was, sadly, fully present in his time when he noted that a PMA is a rare thing, indeed.

KPSA Radio aims to change that … for Gym … for all of us. We’ll provide the tools. The results depend upon what all of us, together, choose to build with them!

Author's Bio: 

Kristy K. Taylor is a Health Science Professor, author, and founder of Kid Medic, L.L.C. She is the author of the children’s book: “Mrs. Garcia’s Class Visits the Hospital.”. In addition, Kristy is the host of the Kristy Public Service Announcement Radio Show, which seeks to educate, motivate, and extenuate the positive. For more information about Kristy K. Taylor log on to or