Have you ever heard of AI? No, we’re not referring to artificial intelligence, we’re talking about aesthetic intelligence. This is a concept every entrepreneur must understand in order to stand out in saturated markets. 

Let’s dive a little deeper -- what it is, why it’s important for your business, and how you can start applying it in your marketing efforts. 

What is Aesthetic Intelligence?

We’re not just referring to design and beauty like the pretty packaging that may be your weak spot when making purchases. Aesthetic intelligence is so much more than that. 

How to  Apply Aesthetic Intelligence to Your Business

Applying AI to your brand is a game-changer and can be effective through collaboration with your marketing team and research done on current consumers. Before you can incorporate it in your marketing and present it to the market, you must be able to understand your own senses. Sometimes it takes reconnecting with it and other times it’s just strengthening your current senses. 

Once you’re able to fully step into it, begin to put yourself in the shoes of your consumers. Develop a point of view from their perspective. From there, you can curate what elements of AI you want consumers to experience. Without getting specific and strategic, the experience you create can get confusing. 

It may take you some time to trial and error your AI efforts, but with consistency and adaptability, you will be able to strike gold in no time. You can do this by offering something for them to experience in your current marketing efforts like e-blasts or social media. Invite them to try your product or service out for free or host an event that allows attendees to get a first look at something new you’re launching. If you’re online-based, send them something to experience like a personalized kit that relates to what you offer.

Remember that your goal is to build excitement for a great experience when consumers are interacting with your brand and to leave them with great memories of the experience. 

The reality is that people remember brands that offer an experience that resonates with them emotionally. Brands that master aesthetic intelligence connect with consumers on a much deeper level. When the relationship continues to build, consumers will become so loyal that they won’t even think about shopping anywhere else for that product or service. 

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