From the time that we are born, we are taught to DO things! Every time we accomplish something we are rewarded, which gives us such accomplishment that we choose to pursue more opportunities to DO things so that we can be rewarded again! Education and work is also designed to further entrench this way of life. So we focus on DOING things to ensure success. Yet spending time DOING things on a constant basis can sometimes leave us feeling dissatisfied and empty. It starts to feel a bit like we’re running on a hamster wheel! Running as fast as we can, but going nowhere!

A Definition:
One of the biggest lesson’s in life is learning to embrace the concept of being, which is extremely beneficial once mastered. It’s a strange concept, not familiar to most of us, but once you grasp it; you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! So what is the concept of ‘being’? Wikipedia defines a state of being as “aspects that involve expressions and manifestations coming from a [person's] innate being, or personal character”

It sounds to me like it refers to a natural way of responding to things, and how we show up in the world. For example to DO charitable things is one thing, but if your heart is compassionate and always being touched by the plight of others, which causes you to behave in a way that is innately kind to the less fortunate, that’s BEING! It’s knowing WHO you are and resting in that knowledge, and openly expressing that through everything you say and do.

More than a list of activities, it comes easily because it flows from WHO you are. It’s a process of working with your natural strengths, experience, personality, values, etc, and observing what needs to happen moment by moment, and not being distracted by a list of things to do. Being is a joyful and peaceful place because it comes from examining and accepting who you are, and working with that, as opposed to trying to be like someone else, which is just counterproductive. A place where opportunities happen without immense effort! What an amazing place to be!

The Concept of Flow
Many of you have probably heard of the concept of flow, described as a place where opportunities seem to happen without much effort, a place of such strength that it’s actually fun and easy. If I can use the analogy of a river, if you allow yourself to be pushed in the direction of the water, that’s flow, easier and effortless! Whereas DOING is often compared to swimming upstream, it’s hard work, you are going against who you are and where you need to go, and often leaves you exhausted and demotivated!
So my challenge for you this month, is to focus on being unconditionally constructive, being fully present, being yourself!

Reflection questions:
What if you had everything that you needed within yourself to be a success!
What if you could have peace, and joy in who you are and what you do?
What if you loved your work, because it flowed out of who you are?

How does coaching work:
A coach will partner with you, and act as a catalyst to achieve your goals. A coach has a unique perspective and is trained on a specific methodology that evokes curiosity, and reflection. If you want to truly succeed, and achieve something extraordinary, a coach is essential!

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