We weren’t born with belief systems in place! We created them! Just as we created them, we can also RE-create them if they aren’t serving us. Sadly, many of us are severely limiting our life experience due to the belief systems that were developed and ingrained in us since childhood. Wouldn’t you like to break through those barriers and finally know what it feels like to move beyond your self-constructed limitations and live in a world of unlimited possibilities?

So, how do you go about making that happen? Well, it all begins with your thoughts. Your thoughts created your belief systems. Everything you were ever told (repeatedly) and every reinforced idea about the world that was thrust upon you served as building blocks for your belief systems. As an adult, you now have the strength, awareness, and ability to CHOOSE what thoughts and ideas you wish to focus on. Remember, what you focus on expands!If you focus on a fear-based thought system, you are going to manifest a reality that is reflective of that thought system. On the other hand, if you choose to focus on your strengths, your abilities, and the limitless opportunities that are available to you each and every day– you will manifest the experiences that are in alignment with that expansive type of thinking.

Individuals who remain “poor” do so because they live with a poverty belief system. The things that they talk about, focus on, and act upon reflect a poverty mentality that is directly in line with their poverty belief system. Certainly, they don’t wish to be poor on a conscious level. They wouldn’t refuse money, but until they build a new belief system, thought by thought and action by action – that reflects a new, optimistic perspective on life, they will remain “poor.” This is the reason that so many lottery winners end up broke!

It’s been said that if you took all the money in the world and divided it up equally among all the people, it would eventually end up right back where it is today! Why? A poverty mindset will attract poverty and a wealthy mindset will attract wealth. So, which do you choose? Yes, this is a choice! This isn’t something out of your control. No matter how you grew up or what your past was like, this is something you can begin to develop RIGHT NOW with awareness, determination, and deliberate focus.

In addition to your thoughts, being to pay close attention to what comes out of your mouth! What you say is a critical indicator of your belief systems. Have you ever noticed what people with a poverty belief system talk about? They talk about lack, time and time again. Take this challenge today: Take note of the words that are coming out of your mouth! If you find yourself saying any statement that begins with “I can’t,” or “Nothing ever..” immediately replace them with statements that begin with “I am or I will,” or “Everything does..” The key is noticing how often you are sabotaging your own life experience with the words you consistently speak or the thoughts you consistently think. Once you are aware of what you’re doing, you have the power to make a shift and create change in your life!

Remember that negative thoughts are the building blocks for negative experiences. Positive thoughts are the building blocks for positive experiences. It’s that simple! Worrying about something doesn’t change it. In fact, it only serves to bring more for you to worry about because that is where you are placing your attention! Wherever you choose to place your focus today will determine the people, circumstances and opportunities (or lack of opportunities) that are attracted/magnetized into your experience.

Begin today to consciously, deliberately, and purposefully establish the belief systems that will serve to empower you and magnetize the success you deserve. No one else can do it for you! The ball is in YOUR COURT at all times. YOU determine the quality of your life experience. So, make it a phenomenal one!

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