“With the advent of new technology and Binaural Beat Music we have opportunity to go deeper into a meditative state quicker and easier than ever before. Plus we can have all the same deep healing abilities that meditation brings to the mind, body, and spirit. Here is a quick overview of the healing abilities of Binaural Beat Music.”

Here is a very simplistic view of how Binaural Beat Music works. Basically breakthroughs in music have shown that if we use stereo headphones and place a specific tone in one ear which corresponds to one side of the brain. And place another specific tone in the other ear which corresponds to the other side of the brain. With those two frequencies being just a few hertz apart, there is then a third tone created in the middle which harmonizes both hemispheres of the brain. This also takes us from a very active brain wave on EEG’s to a very deep state of meditation thus slowing our brain down… moving us into a different state of consciousness, a healing state.

This causes the brain to enter a state of entrainment which is powerful, even pain can be controlled and dialed down during this state of entrainment. And depending upon the frequency used a proportionate change in the frequency of the brain waves can be created. With specific tones Beta Waves can be entrained in the mind for busy active days at work. At other times Alpha Waves which are relaxing can be created which help a person feel at ease and help with stress. Still at other times Theta Waves can be created which are dream state waves which help a person to be more creative and feel relaxed. And during the evening Delta brain waves can create deep recuperative sleep, thus we wake up refreshed and ready for another day.

And there are also Gama Brain Waves, Gama Brain Waves bring about a powerful connection of all the different areas of the brain thus helping the brain to be more flexible. Gama Brain Waves are high frequency brain waves even higher than normal Beta Waves that can help with problem solving, healing fear… and sometimes they can take a person into higher states of consciousness.

There have been lots of studies done on Binaural Beat Music. In fact Dr. Robert Monroe did many years of research on Binaural Beat Music and started the famous Monroe Institute which specializes in healing with sound and music. The Monroe Institute has hundreds of healing recordings under the company “Hemi-Sync” which are healing. And the Monroe Institute (A none profit organization) has a very interesting program that takes people through 26 levels of higher consciousness. As far as I can tell, no one has done as much research into levels of consciousness using vibrational frequencies than the Monroe Institute.

But there are also inexpensive ways to start using Binaural Beat Music. Even on ITunes and all the rest of the on-line music download companies lots of Binaural Beat Music can be found. Music that can be purchased and download to phones and other devices for as little as 99 cents… and they work.

In one double blind study it was found that using Binaural Beat Music had positive effects similar to meditation. In another study it was found that those using Binaural Beat Music lowered their anxiety levels, balanced their hormones, and their quality of life got better. Plus in other studiesBinaural Beat Music lowered post operative pain. In fact some insurance companies recommend are using certain types of music to prevent post operative pain and for faster recovery.

Personally I like good old fashion meditation, because no matter where I go and what I do, I always have the capability to meditate any where… without the aid of technology. But for those getting started with meditation or needing a helping hand to relax, or feeling better about life, plus get rid of anxiety, lowering stress, lowering blood pressure, it can help with addictions, help people get along better at work and at home, balancing hormones, help to keep stress from causing heart attacks, and many more powerful processes… Binaural Beat Music can work wonders just like meditation.


Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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