You’ve heard that “curiosity killed the cat,” and for cats that may be true. But for human beings, curiosity can be a powerful enhancer of life’s enjoyment, comfort, and fulfillment. It’s a key to discovering our limitless potential.

At times curiosity utterly revolutionizes our lives in the most unexpected ways. For instance, in a farmhouse in Scotland there hangs an old painting. It’s been there several decades and features Mary Magdalene a baby, and a young child. The resident of the farmhouse didn’t care much for the painting, but kept it because her father gave it to her.

Then one day she became curious and decided to have it valued. What a shock! It’s now being analyzed by Cambridge University and the Hamilton Kerr Institute. It’s at least by one of Leonardo da Vinci’s pupils, if not by the master himself. It’s value? Possibly more than $150 million.

When we become curious, greatness can turn up in the oddest places. That’s because, in different ways, each of us is sitting on something of incredible worth but don’t recognize it. Each of us is a fountain of limitless potential.

If you’ve been glued to the Olympics, or at least catching the highlights, you’ve seen amazing feats—unexpected medals, world records shattered, and former Olympic greatness sustained or improved upon.

But when they first came into the world and were just infants and little children, do you imagine these superstars of the arena had any inkling that they were destined for greatness? Their genius was as latent as the painting in that Scottish farmhouse.

If you’ve watched interviews with famous Olympians, you may have noticed that it was a chance contact with the sport, or something that ultimately led to the sport, that awakened their curiosity and started them on their journey to greatness.

While all of us have immense unrecognized value in terms of our abilities, for each of us the expression of our worth is different. There’s only one Usain Bolt, the absolute fastest man on earth at the present time. And though his students painted in his style, there’s only ever been one Leonardo da Vinci.

There’s also only ever, in the entire duration of the cosmos, going to be one you. So unless you tap into your uniqueness, the universe will be deprived of a precious gift, just as the world has been deprived all these decades of the knowledge of that 500-year-old painting from the 16th century.

The reason we’re all unique is that we have different brain patterns. No two brains have ever been identical, and never will be, because each forms unique neural pathways that are as different as our individual fingerprints. In other words, you have something—something to share with the world—that no one else will ever be able to contribute. Do you really want to miss out on expressing this specialness?

In contrast, look at the tragedy wrought by an individual with an unbalanced brain in the shooting at the Wisconsin Sikh temple—seven dead in all including the perpetrator. Or the recent massacre of a dozen people in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater at the showing of The Dark Knight. When the brain is severely out of balance and harmony, terrible tragedies can result that are a detriment to human progress. In all these cases, the shooter isn’t curious about those killed—who they are, their talents, their potential. The perpetrator lives in a locked mental box.

To varying degrees, all of us live in boxes—but they don’t have to be locked. In fact, I think that most of us are curious about ourselves and our potential—we sense we have so much ability that we simply don’t tap into.

Also, when we look at our dysfunctional behavior (because we all have it to varying degrees), we recognize that this isn’t who we truly are. But what we actualize in our everyday reality—for better or for worse—depends on whether our brain is balanced and harmonized.

A balanced and harmonized brain is one that’s open, seeks to see the whole, is curious, and can reach for its best.

At Brain State Technologies®, we’ve seen people in sports improve their performance in ways they couldn’t imagine. We’ve also witnessed individuals in just about every walk of life begin to align their path with their potential as a result of Brainwave Optimization™ with real-time balancing.

If your brain isn’t wired to be an Olympic athlete or a da Vinci, it is wired for something very meaningful: to live happily and productively, experiencing both fulfillment and the joy of contributing to the wellbeing of others. All you have to do is return your brain to its powerful place of balance and harmony, then optimize it for truly purposeful living—something that Brainwave Optimization has in the past decade done superbly for tens of thousands.

I entitled my book Limitless You for a reason. It’s you that I’m talking about who has such immense value, such fabulous worth! You’re the painting hanging unrecognized in that Scottish farmhouse. If you’re curious about yourself and what your life might become—or curious about your children and what they might make of their lives—Brain State Technologies can set you on the path of meaningful exploration.

Just look at what human curiosity can do! In the middle of the night this past Sunday, a rover called Curiosity landed on Mars to explore for signs of the development of life in the planet’s distant past. It’s the boldest and most advanced achievement of the space program to date, a true testament to human greatness.

Some of the most unlikely people have become astronauts. They never thought they would go into space. Isn’t this true of just about every development our species has ever accomplished?

What might you and your family achieve when your brain patterns are balanced and harmonized?

Author's Bio: 

Lee Gerdes, Founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies® (, is the creator of the patented process of Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time Balancing™, which is transforming lives all over the world.

As the author of Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain, published in 2009 by Namaste Publishing and now in soft cover, Lee's work emanates from a combination of his interests in how the brain works and its effect on mind, body, and spirit, coupled with his personal experience of trauma in the form of a violent assault in 1992.

This effort has now evolved into the neuro-technology known as Brainwave Optimization, which is produced and distributed by Brain State Technologies, with nearly 200 affiliate offices in 18 countries worldwide serving over 50,000 clients.

As a result of this trauma, in 2000 Lee began working with his own brain to relieve post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His success in overcoming the effects of trauma led him to dedicate his life to understanding neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change itself) and how the breakthrough insights of neuroscience can be applied to improve peoples’ lives. His work is daily proof that by optimizing our brain, we can optimize our entire life, empowering us to "at last be the limitless individuals we were born to be."

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