Life is all about choices. We choose to be poor or to work hard to elevate ourselves to greater heights in life. The great change a man can have depend on how bad the man want to change. Wishing to change alone cannot bring about any change, but taking a determined effort to change for the better, will see us growing in life lessons. My coach used to say success is the state of mind. And success hinge on the positive attitude.

If we think and imagine success and work hard at making ourselves better, we surely can succeed. If we tell ourselves that we are a failure, then we just concluded that we will actually fail. There is power in what we say with our mouth. A person can learn from self-help files online and do quality research then later emerge so strong as a changed and a very successful person. I am writing this as a way to inspire the next person out there. I know and feel that there is someone out there that can meet me through the article I am writing now and began to relate to the deep desire for success for others as a way of preparation for greatness and the release of the power within. Nothing venturous, then nothing have. We cannot all receive success on a silver platter. Some of us we work very hard and selflessly and tirelessly for the success of our communities.

We live in a very advanced digital age where everything is about smart life, smart phone. This is where the deep desire to succeed arises. The use of a smartphone not just for phone calls, or sending messages but for building a great online empire in the digital crypto space. I saw it that even a cellphone company has positioned itself to manufacture smart phones that are crypto-ready. So that we do our awesome crypto without a hustle as we tab into the technology. In this present age, I surely believe that the technology is a boon to us. It bring about tools that makes life to be just a walk in the park. Business has gone too digital and global. We can make money in another country across the ocean without going there in person. Desire to succeed is where it can drive you and kick you out of bed to go get some internet data bundle then log in online to begin your honest work and building even from scratch. Building with nothing in your bank but just a deep burning desire to succeed and the good use of your smart phone and data bundles.

But this is a daring task if you have no idea where to start. It start with just a burning desire to succeed, honestly. Then you plan how to actually go to "work" to achieve what you sorely desire. Here I will guide you to arm with a good bitcoin wallet that can handle more than 3 to 5 coins. That bitcoin wallet must handle bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, bitcoincash and xrp coin. Then the next step is to get a site online where you can mine coins to fill up your digital wallet. Or you can buy coins and hold them in the wallet while you build your team as in referral marketing. In crypto space there is a great word that make waves, and that word is hodl. Yes, you read right, its hodl and there is hodletokens too. With a hodltoken you get passive income much more than when you keep money in the bank. The interests are so much plus the referral commissions. But then you need to have a knowledge on how to handle this cryptocurrencies, yes, knowledge is power. Well, if you are reading this article and you feel that crypto is not your cup of tea, then worry not as I am here to teach and coach you into this awesome online digital wealth creation monster of our time. If Saint Peter did walk upon the sea, then another water-walking Peter lives among you. I am that Peter who will hod you by the hand and show you all the steps to get off to a great landslide victory in crypto. Well, I know that others cringe when they hear the word crypto but be informed that crypto is here to stay. And the good part is that the systems are created to safeguard communities from money laundering as we do KYC(Know Your Customer) by uploading our identifications and proof of residence and a selfie so that we do not become ghost money operators who are faceless and unknown. I believe that the founder of bitcoin wanted to deliver us from poverty with this digital coin. And yes so far his vision is fruitful, I spend most time online and while am busy chatting online with my online friends, I as well mine coins and fill up my digital wallet then exchange to fiat money and go shopping. I just use a free wifi spot to connect and boom! I get in business of mining coins without even begging anyone for some hand-outs. The internet pays me while am online. The great man once said we must not depend on a single income. We must make investments. We must even build passive income to earn even while we sleep. With cryptocurrency and the evolution of the blockchain technology and the KYC systems, that verify our legitimacy, the future surely looks brighter and we need to wear shades.

Yes, I know that the cryptocurrency is not a walk in the park for many and its a scary monster for others too. With deep determination and sheer tenacity we can make this world a better place like Michael Jackson used to sing, heal the world and make it a better place. We have simplified lessons for those who need coaching into this monster called cryptocurrency. All the tools are now accessible and available to all. The table is set and you just need to have a desire to come to the table to eat. Even facebook is preparing to launch its own digital coin. Most governments have set up tax laws to deal with wealth from crypto of the residence to save banks from being out of business. Yes the banks if the government does not act fast, they will be out of business as everyone is going digital. There are bitcoin atms where you just buy bitcoin by deposit of cash at atm.

With crypto-softwares we even do advertising and driving of traffic to anywhere we want and earn crypto while we click adverts online. This is called digital marketing of even brick and mortar businesses, and the messages get to the relevant eye balls. Then profit is realized. Yoh! we can even buy pizza from our cellphones and the pizza company will deliver that pizza at our door-step. The main thing is just a burning desire to get online and learn the steps on how to make money from all these digital systems that surrounds us.

I hear you in my spirit that you are actually eager to learn more about this wealth creation monster. I will emphasize the fact that first you need a burning desire to succeed honestly. Then be teachable and be prepared to work and learn hard.

To our success online and thank you for reading up to this far. We shall meet again in my next post.

Author's Bio: 

I am Rakgomo Matlala. I live in South Africa.
I am passionate about digital coins.
On facebook I call myself Rakgomo.Infoguy.
I am so much passionate about making fundamental difference in other people's lives.
My company is called Tryusforbest Trading and Projects.
I still developing its facebook page