The Power of Dreams

Did you know you can have 7 or more dreams a night? While your body is resting, your brain is awake and working away on things your conscious mind doesn’t even know about. Dreams can be vivid and powerful, full of emotion and ideas. As far back as 5000 BC, dreams have been interpreted as having portents: of being worth more than what the conscious mind can offer. We could identify their sensations with “real life” or, more precisely, waking life, actions and events.
Your dreams can tell you an incredible amount about yourself.

The Awakening of the Unconscious Mind

Dreams happen when your body is shut to all those outside influences that drown out your unconscious mind. How can you expect your brain to work at its fully capacity while there is so much going on in the modern city? So, instead, once your conscious mind has shut down for the day, your unconscious gets to grips with all the information you’ve absorbed along the way.
This is where that power hidden deep within us all comes to the fore. As a human, you have an incredibly powerful brain but every day you only use about 3% of it. The other 97% is left there, wasted. Everyone who is stuck feeling average, unable to fulfill the potential they showed as a child: they’re unable to tap into this power within that 97%.
This power allows you to absorb information much quicker than the other 3% can alone, which is why dreams are so important.

A Childlike State

Children have an incredible ability to learn new things: their rate of self-improvement is so far ahead of your average adult that they could be a completely different species. There has to be a reason for this, though, which is where dreams come in.
As an adult, you become far more able to tell the difference between a dream and reality. Your ability to judge your waking state is heightened: you’ve awoken to this, much like Adam and Eve awoke to their nakedness in the Bible. Some dreams still manage to avoid your conscious mind though, only surfacing later on through things like déjà vu.
As a child, however, every dream seems as real as your waking life. Your conscious mind cannot make a difference between the real world and the workings of your unconscious mind. Through this, your immature brain can absorb more information from every word than a mature mind can.
Fully grown, you can tell the nuances of speech when another adult is speaking to you. A child cannot but they can feel it. Their unconscious mind is able to digest the information their conscious mind is unable to, and they can learn from this.
This ability to learn decreases in adulthood, but that does not mean you can’t tap into it. Far from it: in fact you can tap into even more successfully than your young, immature self could possibly have. This is how you can pass from being average to being a leader: respected and loved.

Controlling the Power of Your Dreams

That 97%, your unconscious mind, is the key to your success. Utilizing it to its full potential will bring you success in every area of life you turn it to, from your work to your family and everything in between. Dreams are one of the ways the unconscious mind attempts to communicate with you, so make sure you listen carefully.
For centuries, people have taken notes about their dreams and this is a great way to recall the events: like a mind map to your unconscious. It is this that you can use to delve deeper into your hidden potential and learn new things just as a child would.
The human brain can sometimes feel that dreams are reality. You’ve surely experience a dream that feels so real you can reach out and touch it, or perhaps just a dream that was incredibly real until an event our conscious brain could not process happened. Remembering these dreams is essential, as they can provide you with the directions to reach back to the unconscious mind later on.
That event your conscious mind could not process was the thing holding you back. It’s the area your conscious mind and unconscious mind disagree on. It’s your job to ensure both your conscious and unconscious mind agree. If they don’t, you’ll only find yourself held back for the rest of your life.
If dreams are the map, controlling the power of your unconscious mind is the key to which the map points. Training your unconscious mind to be positive can turn this key and push open that door to new possibilities. Now all you need to do is take the step through. believes that the door to the power of your unconscious mind can be opened through training. Once you’ve found the key to the lock, you are just one step away from living your perfect

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Author Tore Kesicki is life time student of (NLP) Neuro Strategies , Hypnotherapy And Past Life Regression.. He is also one of the countries top life coaches and has a Mission To Bring Love, Light & Happiness Into The Lives he Touches Through Education Via Divine Spiritual Counciling . Mr Kesicki Has Been a Life time student of Quantum Mechanics and his most recent work is soon to also be published