Well, now, you probably think I’m talking about the odor, but no. Powerful as it is, the smell of garlic can’t hold a candle to all the wonders this homely herb can do.

And garlic’s no newcomer on the block. Back in 3748 B.C., Egyptian slaves went on strike when they didn’t get their ration of garlic–which they believed gave them courage and strength.

About 2500 years ago, Hippocrates recommended garlic for infections, wounds, cancer, leprosy and digestive disorders.

The Talmud says good things about garlic as well.

In more modern times, 1965, the Russians flew 500 tons of garlic into the countryside to stop a massive flu epidemic. And it worked as planned.

Well, I could go on. But most of us think garlic’s only about spicing up our cooking.

We obviously need to talk about garlic’s wonderful impact on our health.

Garlic is:
• Both a potent antibiotic and a top notch virus fighter (hence the Russian airlift). And if you do get a cold or the flu, it doesn’t get as nasty or last as long. Personally, I think taking enough to avoid all the hacking and sneezing is the ticket, but maybe you own Kleenex stock.

• An exceptional antifungal. Even out-of-control candida bows to garlic. And since most people live with candida by the carload–which shows up as allergies that won’t die and leads to all sorts of disease–this is huge. Especially since what medicine offers to fight fungi causes more side effects than cures.

• The big Kahuna, an antioxidant. Living causes oxidation, otherwise known as rust, and rusty parts don’t work well. And less well as time goes by. Finally, they don’t work at all. We need our body parts to work, and garlic helps.

• Unloads heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and cadmium, from our bodies. Heavy metals do us dirt; getting rid of them is the only way to go.

• When our red blood cell count is scraping bottom, with immature or malformed red blood cells, we can’t get oxygen to our cells to swap out the carbon dioxide. You don’t even have to understand what in the world I’m talking about to realize that’s not good. Got garlic?

• Helps create white blood cells of the “killer” variety–our body’s defenders. Daily garlic intake means you can kill up to 139% more cancer cells than somebody who abstains.
• Lowers blood pressure. A 1948 study showed garlic dropped BP by 40% on average. As usual, medicine buried the study, but with the world wide web, you can’t always keep a good study down nowadays.

• Prevents sludgy blood, even blood clots. Better than aspirin and as good as meds. (Cut back if surgery’s on your calendar, then crank it back up right after.) A cut that won’t stop bleeding says to cut back your garlic intake, and taking it along with a blood thinner is a really bad idea–although switching the med out for garlic is probably a good idea. Check with the doc.

• Helps maintain good blood sugar levels for diabetics.

• Brings aid and comfort to an ailing digestive system–colitis, gastritis, constipation, etc.

• Helps with asthma, bronchitis and other breathing problems. Does good things for whooping cough, too!

• Pumps up metabolism.

• Prevents/heals ear infections (in people and pets) when you put garlic oil drops in the ears.

• Along with a high protein diet, garlic raises testosterone levels.

• Fights lyme disease by disabling the borrelia bacteria.

• Supports the health of your muscles and connective tissues.

Garlic is some spectacular stuff! How does it work its wonders? It’s chock-a-block full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.–all ready to fight the good fight. So far they’ve identified more than 100 different players, all balanced by nature and each giving all it can give.

A relatively new discovery is the mineral germanium in garlic. It allows garlic to crank up what’s called mitogenetic radiation, which sounds really dangerous, but which actually stimulates our cells and rejuvenates those that are drooping.

Garlic doesn’t replace a good vitamin/mineral (etc.) program; it adds to it.

Upon rare occasion, garlic causes mild stomach cramps.

If garlic-breath doesn’t fit your plans, supplements work, too.

God is good,
Bette Dowdell

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Bette Dowdell defines determination. In a really deep health ditch, with doctors who didn’t help, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. She never intended to be a health expert, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. You can subscribe to Bette’s free e-mails on how to solve health problems at http://TooPoopedToParticipate.com