If I could offer you an enchantment mixture that would make you more joyful, more benevolent, progressively hopeful as well as increasingly profound and tell you that this magical potion would be free of cost and will require almost no push to utilize, wouldn’t you be intrigued?

If this magical decoction ever existed, wouldn’t you like to want some?

Of course, you definitely would like to get a taste of it! Unfortunately, such an enchanting mixture doesn’t exist. But each of us has something even better than this magical mixture that will do all of those magical tricks and more…

The Way to Gratitude

Gratitude is described in Webster dictionary as ‘the state of being grateful; thankfulness’. Gratitude is the most significant key to unlock success and satisfaction in the present moment. Realizing what we acknowledge in life means understanding what our identity is, what matters to us and what makes every day meaningful and worthy. Focusing on what we feel thankful for places us in a positive temper. It interfaces us to our general surroundings and to ourselves. Recent studies reveal that focusing on what we are grateful for is generally a rewarding approach to feel more joyful, fulfilled and motivated. It is a completion of heart that moves us from constraint and dread to development and love. Gratitude draws in what we want. The universal law of attraction states that we will attract into our life the things we think about and focus on. As our beloved 49-year-old actor, Shah Rukh Khan quotes the popular dialogue from Om Shanti Om – “Agar kisi cheez ko puri shiddat se chaho, toh puri kayanaat usse aapse milvane par majboor ho jaati hai”. Likewise from deep within, when we're appreciating something in self, the entire Universe and its forces work in our stride to improve our self-image and starts with appreciation towards oneself.

When we change the manner in which we think, furthermore, begin to fill our lives with appreciation, nothing else remains the same. We begin to change our lives forever and they do show signs of improvement. The movie and the book “The Secret” moved the magic of gratitude onto focal point of the audience with a basic formula of think of it, thank the universe for it and it occurs. While there are a couple of significant steps missing in this (for example, you truly need to act on a few things en route also for anything to occur). There is no doubt that the step of being grateful for the now and for the future helps in the personal well being of a person. In fact, showing gratitude is much more than a simple ‘thanks’ without further deliberation.

Gratitude draws our attention into the present, which is the only place where marvels can unfurl. The more profound our thankfulness, the more we see with the eyes of the spirit and the more our life streams in agreement with the creative power of the universe. In our Business Communication and Managerial effectiveness programs, we specifically administer SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) with a primary purpose of bringing awareness and being thankful to your traits. Coaching principles can be felt in how one lives in the moment and feels gratitude towards everyone and everything.

Gratitude also takes one closer to feeling satisfied and balances what one has and what one needs. And that level of gratification in your within, gets you closer to self – actualization level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Whether you show gratitude to your self or others, this is one skill that you would like to harness!
Let us now look at 5 essential ways to let people know how much you appreciate them in your life and how to be grateful in daily life.

5 Essentials of showing Gratitude:

⦁ Teen ka tadka – The Three magical words:

What has happened to our manners or etiquettes of late? The power of these three magical words of Please, Thank you and Sorry is something beyond imagination and it is highly enchanting and essential today than it was before, purely because, no one cares to use them now! Use right potion of these manners and you connect with people at the workplace or in social networks much faster than ever. People watch us all the time and draw first and last impressions on our abilities in absence of these basic niceties. It talks a lot about your culture and values. Gratitude is an approach to showing respect to other individuals.

Think about the last time when someone actually thanked you and you knew that they really meant it. It plans something very mystical in your relationship with them. As per the quote, “Happiness is a fine balance of what you want and what you have…” In fact, one of the major reasons that got us at Nirmiti Academy to design and incorporate professional and social etiquette as a training module for Personality Development course. “Our students go about thanking each other for enlightening each other through their knowledge sharing presentations in form of feedback, says our Founder Director, Dipti Deepak. She also adds that each student is provided with Appreciation Card to purely express a thank you to each other for living a value.

A way to a man’s heart is also through his Smile:

If we start expressing gratitude towards people around us for doing their jobs, for being kind, for giving us something when they don’t need to, at that point it makes everything run smoother. People float towards people they believe are going to remunerate them for their actions. A smile goes a major way as well. Smiling is an easy way to express gratitude and thank a person. It is equally powerful tool and can get infectious positively. Try to flash a smile on a stranger today and they are probably going to pass it to another person such as the dominoes effect. In fact, in Europe, one greets another with a smile irrespective of the familiarity.

It’s bit of a crass mannerism of thinking about it, however on the course that you truly can’t think about any reason you ought to be thankful for individuals who are simply doing what they should do, consider it on the off chance that you are simply lubing the wheels. What that implies is think about how easier it gets, when you simply give people a bit of your much-needed thanks. Certainly, they may just be carrying out their responsibility, however it’s much better than not finding single thoughtful reason to thank them for their entire tenure with you.

Count the positives:

When we are used to expressing gratitude towards the people around us, it’s time to begin being grateful for some of the beneficial things working in our lives. This can be hard to evaluate, particularly if you are under a considerable amount of pressure or finding the going of life to be a bit tough. However, there are many things around us which we take for granted and often have no clue about the positive effect those things have on us. As is valid with human instinct, there are many things whose value we don’t realize until we don’t have around us. There are simply such a large number of little opportunities and freedom we have that we take for granted. Find things to be grateful for. Be it the support system that you have around or that 3 AM friend that you can count on or simply those puppy eyes of your pet that waits for you in times of greater difficulties. Being grateful about the awful things is also profound and is more about figuring out how to live with the life, the failures, the rejections that you have had and seeing the good that can evolve from anything. It’s simply cultivating a trait to see the half glass full than it being half empty.

Volunteer your time:

Share your time with those activities, which go beyond social responsibility. Whether it is spending an hour at the kennel, or helping others as a service, or simply joining a plantation drive, it will put your life into a perspective. Performing a random act of kindness also sometime greatly opens your world. When you share your or acquired possession with the poor and needy, and that will get you closer to an understanding of unfortunate and unforeseen. As much as charity begins from home, kindness is deep rooted into person’ intrinsic being. By extending this kindness, you would only trigger yet another act of kindness as you connect with others.

Journal your blessings:

Share your praise and let the person know his value. Where a handwritten thank you note could be given, the power of the words written for today and saved for tomorrow is tremendously appreciated. It acts as a souvenir or a memoir and it can be truly wonderful way to reflect on how you have come over the years as a human. You can also simply pan out positives that are loved and appreciated of each other in letters. It not only reminds of how grateful are you but also remains as proof. Our Appreciation cards at Nirmiti Academy aims to do just that!

Hence, having gratitude gives us the power to enjoy our life more. It can create a sense of happiness when you count and feel grateful to have strengths to the person than only focusing on his brickbats. It can break huge blocks of ice and reduce our stress levels and enable us with the right attitude to attain our goals- no matter how big they may be! By only looking at the silver lining, it instills more fighter spirit in us. It makes us far more a socially acceptable and appreciative person. But most importantly, confidence in us catapults as you only have now programmed yourself to see, appreciate and spread the goodness of life.

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