"A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move on to higher levels." ~Albert Einstein

Could this new "thinking" be coming from the heart instead of the mind?

We are human beings and when we practice living in this world from a state of beingness rather than constant doing, we naturally move in the direction of our hearts.

Heart-centred living is probably a new concept for most as we have become so accustomed to living in our heads and operating solely from that place. Thinking, analysing, judging, remembering, worrying, planning...these are all activites of the mind. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, however, we mustn’t neglect the immense power and intelligence of our hearts!

Qualities such as love, beauty, compassion, creativity, trust, appreciation, joy and intuition all flow from your heart and to connect and live from this place will enrich your life no end. Those who have "followed their heart" throughout the ages will testify to its greater intelligence and innate knowing of the best path to follow and the wisest decisions to make, ultimately serving their highest good. In the words of the great Sufi poet, Rumi:
"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."

How then do you awaken these qualities so that you too can allow the wisdom of your heart to guide your life? You can begin by cultivating a relationship with your heart. Become aware of its presence, setting the intention to allow your heart to express itself more in your life.

Here is a beautiful practice that can help you to connect more with your heart:

Relax and soften yourself.
Allow warm, gentle, soothing sensations to flow throughout your body.
Gently place your attention on your heart.
Like the sun, begin to sense a warm glowing energy inside your heart.
If life has been challenging, notice if there is any armour around your heart.
What are you protecting? What are you holding onto?
Let go of all tension inside your heart and imagine a healing, nourishing light flowing into your heart.
Imagine this warm light melting away any shields around your heart. Let all walls within you simply melt away.
Allow your heart to expand and simply choose to relax and rest deeply in this light, soft, expansive feeling.
Trust this softening and surrender to this energy of love. Know the Universe is always taking care of you, so you can let go and move beyond your fear-based ego.

True surrender is an ongoing process of releasing fear, transcending doubts, and allowing total trust, intuition and love to always guide your way.

And remember....love is not meant to be a struggle. It is your natural state of being.

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