The internet is becoming a powerful infrastructure with so many layers an onion would be jealous. The beauty of the layers is that they are substructures within the main internet that allow people to truly take advantage of a level playing field when it comes to making money online.

Internet marketing is no longer a start from scratch proposal, nor is it an expensive endeavor as you learn how to utilize this powerful web of features and substructures to your advantage. You can save time of course by outsourcing the actual work needed to take advantage of this infrastructure, but to actually USE the internet for marketing is very inexpensive and powerful.

Internet marketing works by creating ad campaigns and article marketing campaigns for generating the most powerful thing you can have in Google’s eyes (or any search engine)- back links on high page ranked sites/pages. There are a few different ways to take advantage of the internet's many services (built upon the substructures).

The first thing you want to do is build your backlinks. You do this by posting quality and unique articles/content onto various sites with high page rank. These sites will essentially use your content as a product for visitors to see and enjoy. For giving them this perfect article that will drive people to their site, you also get to send traffic to your site in the resource box. It's a symbiotic relationship where both sides win. If you post poor information to their site, however, you’re stealing the link and they will not be very pleased with you.

You can write 6-10 articles a month and post them to various sites (only one article per site, in other words don't recycle the same article across more than one site or your "gold" will be turned into the value of "bronze" or less.

Successful marketing once you get your heels dug in with back-link building over several months should include ad campaigns. This is where you essentially pay for traffic to your sites, but every person that lands there is pre-qualified and likely to buy your product, or activate your other types of monetizing methods.

This is great because instead of paying a set amount and potentially getting traffic, you only pay for qualified and referred traffic, and the cost per click is often pretty low, even under a dollar. If you want to hit a bigger stream of traffic the price goes up but like any gamble you could make a ton of money or break even, but losing money is less likely if your campaign is set up correctly.
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