Recently, I shared a simple 3 step process for waking up to what you enjoy. This helps point you in the right direction for understanding what’s truly important to you and why. Now, I want to share a practical step for choosing a direction and remaining focused on it.

Getting clear on what’s important to you and why is the first step in living a life filled with purpose. But that can be a tall order when you’re feeling a little lost and

It’s very simple – Your goal is to choose just ONE word that describes what you want more of in your life. It will be your beacon and anchor for receiving that which you want. Before you start, make sure to grab a few supplies: pen, paper, thesaurus/dictionary and a quiet place.

1. Reflect back on what you enjoy; what brings you energy and excitement – what words come to mind? As you think about your life moving forward and what you’d like to have more of – what words come to mind? Jot those down. Don’t overthink it. Whatever words pop into your mind, write them down. No judging or trying to justify – just write.

2. Now take a deep breath and review your list. Circle any words that really pop out to you. Don’t try to analyze why. The whole point of this month’s exercise is to get out of your head and more into your heart.

3. Now, go back and review the circled words. Pull out your handy dictionary and look up the definitions of those words. I know it sounds silly and you may be thinking, “I KNOW what it means!”, but there’s a deeper level that can be gleaned from looking at the definitions. This step usually helps you narrow down your word list because a few of them just won’t fit.

4. Next, pull out a thesaurus and look up synonyms for the remaining word or words you have left. You may need to go back and look up the definitions for any of these new words. This narrowing process helps you drill down further to the real essence of what you are wanting.

Finding your word may take some time. It may not be a one-time process. Give yourself permission to mull it over. But understand that the “right” word will be evident on a feeling level, not an intellectual one. Remember – get out of your head!

Once you’ve identified your word, now what? Once you’re clear on its meaning and your reason for choosing it, then start posting it in key places so you’ll see it regularly. Look for opportunities to intentionally practice it. That one word should become the driving force behind the choices you make. That will only happen if you keep your word front and center in your mind!

Good luck and have fun with this one. Feel free to share your words with me! I’d love to hear what you came up with.

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