You have surely heard or read about the power of laughter right?

The healing power of laughter has been used as an effective therapy for recuperating patients.

Studies have shown that the healing benefits of laughter have aided in the speedy recovery of many ailments- ailments, both physical and psychological.

It is a proven scientific and medical fact that the power of laughter can and will heal you.

The healing benefits of laughter have the power to effect your recovery from:

Physical Ailments – Psychological Ailments- Spiritual Ailments—

The healing benefits of laughter even make a healthy person healthier!


The power of laughter has often been used in the self-healing process.

There have been cases where cancer sufferers have been cured without the aid of radiation and chemotherapy, and instead used laughter and altering the condition of the mind to promote recovery

There are great self healing powers in laughing. Laughter attracts joy and happiness, releases negative and stressful emotions and leads to cures of miraculous proportions


The medical profession has stated that when you laugh- certain hormones and natural chemicals are released by your body.

These chemicals give the most natural form of relaxation to your body and your body does its natural role:

You body then, repairs itself!

Now, medical studies have also shown the opposite occurrence.

—-If you experience stress, anxiety and unhappiness—all a direct result of modern life.

Your body does the exact opposite of the natural self healing process:

1. You body cannot release the natural healing hormones and chemicals

2. Your muscles become tense

3. Natural body functions, such as digestion, excretion are affected.

4. Just like any normal machine the elevated stress take its toll, you age and develop sickness or diseases!


When you start to think positive you can always see the funny side of everything in life.

A sense of humor, a positive outlook and enjoyment out of comedy and humor will actually make you healthier and younger looking.

Comedy and Humor works wonders for your whole health.

The healing power of laughter helps you in all aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Never- never ever dwell on the negative.

If you persist in your negative aura- you are actually poisoning your body.

You are allowing your body to stop the production of healthy chemicals.

You are actually poisoning yourself with your negativity.

So a question could be posed- what’s the difference between the negative unhappy person and a drug addict?

Well in some ways very little!

Both are poisoning their body with harmful and life threatening chemicals.

So we all have the power— we all have the ability to use the self-healing power of laughter.


Let me share with you some tips on how to live a life of humor and better health:

1. Watch funny movies and comedy shows.

2. Read funny stories and/ or books

3. Carry out activities that you enjoy

4. Make a list of funny jokes and re-tell them to your friends and family. Telling them again allows you to share in their laughter.

5. Share funny anecdotes that happened to you and your colleagues.

6. Socialize… Look for the great company from family and friends.

7. Have at least one good laugh in a day.

Pretty soon you will fell the amazing rejuvenating effects of humor. Soon you will be the living proof of the healing power laughter.

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A good loud laugh has numerous benefits on all aspects of your life? Laughter posseses great healing powers and improves both your physical and emotional well-being. Start living a more fulfilling and healthy life by unleashing the true power of laughter.