I could write a book about how I managed to survive a divorce, or sharing my husband with another woman, losing my home to foreclosure, or how I was still able to smile while sleeping in my car because of homelessness. I could use the cost of ink to smear the painful experiences of yesterday all over these pages, but that would be unwise and pointless.

Yesterday should stay where it is. It is of no use in my present today. I cannot, however, forget that of my pain came my triumph. The understanding that pain’s only use is its transmutation into triumph has always been clear to me. Turning pain into triumph is the true victory that inspires me.

I give Captivating Woman to women of the New Day Experience. It’s a New Way Experience. It is the Captivating Woman Way to live by a set of moral values, a discipline, a faith unshakable and a complete understanding of class, charisma, etiquette and behavior. The Captivating Woman Way inspires women to live truthfully; it empowers women to take ownership, accountability and, most of all, REASON!

Some wise woman somewhere has been to the Captivating Woman Workshops, and now she has a complete understanding of life’s greatest mysteries. She understands how to move effortlessly though the periods of discord and disease by expecting a miracle.

She understands the power of miracle making and shaping. She has been given the secrets to these natural yet marvelous phenomena.

Miracle making is new to most of my readers, because, more often than not, they have been taught that miracles are few and far between and that only a select few get to experience the power of miracles. Some are even under the impression that these select few experience such miracles outside of the self.

What a misconception, of our Divine lineage. This incorrect understanding of how our creator works is an understatement of our existence. Let us first understand that every day we breathe a breath of fresh air, that this is a wonderful example that the energy behind life is still alive and well. Let us also understand that no matter our native tongue, our dialect, or our religious affiliations, this energy that some know as the Creator, Mother Earth, God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, Nana and the like, is of no respect of persons, and that we are recognized by our ability to allow this energy to animates us as well as live on through us. This could be most understood if you are Christian and you believe that Jesus is alive.

If we are to believe that our physical bodies are the great church, as well as believe that God lives within our hearts, we must believe that, because we are all living, nothing separates us from one another or from this great energy residing within all of us.

This great energy, which I think can be universally understood as ‘life’, is the thing that makes us move. I believe one can never be a true atheist if one believes in life. With this understanding, we must assume that, because life is active within us, the source of this life that is active within us must be also acting through us, and hence the idea that God is alive and everywhere. How else could this energy be omnipresent?

Now that we understand that the great I am resides in all bodies, we can see that this in itself is the greatest miracle. Let us understand that, as we are all expressions of the most high, we are all granted the ability to allow the greatest miracle to create miracles in our lives.
All of us have it. All of us are equally yoked to the miracle of life. Your level of miracle happenings is expressed in your ability to understand miracles. You will receive your miracles on the basis of your understanding of them.

Expand your idea of how and when miracles can happen and you will inevitably change how and when miracles happen to you. As I give you an example of this, you must remember that it has taken me over 11 years to get to where I am now in my understanding of miracles. I have gone through the loss of all my life’s possessions twice to get to this place, so it must be noted that getting to a place where you create your own miracles based on the God living within you takes some time and practice.

Example: Sorrow be gone, manifest before me the power of the living God, make a way that is clean and bright.
Example explained: This is a living miracle decree. You are directing your prayers out loud and proclaiming your needs immediately. This decree is a directive of the miracle that’s about to come forth.

To take your miracle directive further: look at the example of how it changes and how to amplify it.
Example: I call forth the power of the living God, Great Father, and Creator God. Move this sorrow from me. Make me clean and bright.

When you make your decree you are actually cleansing. Cleansing the spirit, recognizing discord and facing it with no fear is the true power. When you speak with recognition and respect of the discord, as a teacher, you then have the power to make miracles happen. When you speak with the power of one anointed, your miracles unfold.
Example: Now that my way is clear, I give thanks and praise to the most high. I am now clean. Now move forward, Great Spirit, open an opportunity. My spirit is ready.

When my Auntie felt sorrow around, she would throw holy water around the house, speaking “leave here leave here”. When I was young I thought she was crazy, but now I understand the power behind what appeared to be madness.
Example: Thank you Great Spirit for sending me what I expected would manifest.

If you want to see a miracle happen, visit a Captivating Woman whose child has fallen ill. There is no denying this power. If you want to get a better understanding on how to make your own miracles happen, come to a Captivating Woman Workshop, or simply notice the miracles that happen daily. Your ability to breath, the constant in and out of your breath is a wonderful reminder that you’re a miracle simply breathing life as you know it.

May your miracle making be in sound mind, sound heart and of no doubt. May it be a blessing to someone else? May it be in the heights with love, peace and understanding?
Remember that you should continuously be expecting a miracle. Expect a miracle every time you feel great and inspired, pure and delighted about life. Send your expectations forth, send them up, and on and out, and watch the blessings unfold.

Also, it is unwise to think that you are doing this alone. You must be aware that this thing that lives within you is just not a thing, or a concept of a thing; it is the unseen forces of life. It is the divine presence operating through you and, boy, what a magnificent miracle that is!
One more Miracle Example:

Great master, creator, author of perfection and beauty, I ask that you create within the reader the KNOWLEDGE that he/she has within himself/herself the power to heal himself/herself, emotionally, physically and mentally. Give her/him the strength to move forward in power. Give her/him the power to reach out for help if needed. Place in his/her environment the things and circumstances required for a break through. This I create. Now move forward, sacred spirit, move forward.

Author's Bio: 

Karema Mcghee is the Director of Captivating Woman Workshops and the Author of Captivating Woman unfolding the sacred feminine. She has created a sacred space for the empowerment of women globally. She adds a down to earth feeling to healing the feminine mind body and spirit.Come and visit her at www.captivatingwoman.net