2020 was a difficult year.

People spent 2020 isolated from friends and family. Now, 16 months later, people find the binds that used to tie relationships together are weaker.

In fact, I belonged to a social group. The organizer has no intention of restating the group once we can get together physically.

How can you cheer people up sad over Covid, the loss Covid brought, and the effects of Covid both physical and emotional?

One way to cheer people up is to make them laugh. What better way to do that than with memes?

You can make memes on any topic. Many people have cute animals with funny captions.

Recently, I discovered many free graphic design tools you can use to make memes. For instance, you can use PixTeller. Here is a PixTeller tutorial and more detailed information: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/pixteller-inspirational-images/.

You can also use Poster on My Wall. PosterMyWall is also a free, versatile graphic design tool.

You can take your memes and put them in your Facebook status where they are sure to make people smile on Facebook.

On Instagram, people love memes. In fact, there are over 9 million posts tagged #memes on Instagram. If you are interested in making memes and putting them on Instagram, here are instructions for how to make a meme page.

You can use social media marketing tools to post your memes on social media. Here you will find more information about the types of social media content you can post: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/smm-tools-2/.

Once you make your Instagram meme page, make sure to tag your Instagram posts. #Humor, #HumorAccount, #Memes are examples of hashtags you can use.

Memes are so popular, you are sure to wow the social media crowd and make them smile.

You might even find you can get followers on Instagram without having to follow them first. Here is more information about how to get Instagram followers without following them back: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/how-to-get-followers-on-instagram-without...

Wrapping Up:
In closing, this post explained how to bring people joy on social media by posting memes. This article also shared free graphic design tools you can use.

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