Whether it is appreciating the beauty of the sun rising in the morning, admiring the innocence of a newborn child, acknowledging the joy of spending quality time with friends or the intimacy of making love to your partner – pleasure in it’s many forms is one of the most important things for us to respect and cultivate in our lives.

Whenever we hold a pleasurable thought in our mind we create a biochemical reaction in our body, which releases nitric oxide from the lining of our blood vessels. As the level of nitric oxide in our blood stream gradually rises, natural chemicals beta-endorphin and serotonin are released, in turn causing our muscles to relax and blood to flow to all our internal organs. This chain reaction is extremely good for our health because these feel good chemicals counter act the negative effect of illness inducing stress hormones.

“Pleasure is an essential nutrient that you need, each and every day, to become and remain healthy… Pleasure, after all, is accompanied by all kinds of health-enhancing chemicals in the body.” Christine Northrup

We were each conceived through an act of pleasure, which is essentially part of the meaning of life, to individually and collectively celebrate and embrace pleasure. Despite the dominant focus of modern society on pain and suffering, we are actually programmed to live from and for love. As little children we instinctively honoured this, following whatever brought us joy, flowing freely with the giving and receiving experience of life. But as we became accustomed to adult expectations, most of us forgot how to prioritise pleasure and instead learnt to deny our desires rather than satisfy them. With self-love and self-care often being labeled as self-ish, it is no wonder that so many of us feel unfulfilled and turn to artificial substitutes.

“Nobody teaches us how to take care of ourselves, and how to put our own key in our own ignition and turn that baby on and take her down the highway” Mama Gena

So how can we turn things around and reignite pleasure in our lives? Well, it all begins with being willing to explore what lights us up, remember what brings us joy and give ourselves permission to investigate our sensuality in fun new ways that embrace our inner desires and the myriad of different parts of ourselves. As we reconnect with what brings us pleasure, we automatically raise our energetic vibration, feel more attractive and vibrant, thereby attracting to us more opportunity to experience increased pleasure with others in our lives. In particular this has a powerful effect on our romantic relationships because as we take time to engage with sensuality in our lives we become more comfortable with ourselves and more open and attractive to others.

Where our attention goes, energy flows. Creative Coach and Artist Juliette Jeanclaude recently shared an inspiring story of how she boosted passion in her relationship whilst preparing a series of paintings for an exhibition “I spent two entire weeks painting people making love, kissing and embracing! Can you guess what happened? I triggered immense feelings of well-being inside me and my libido just went crazy! I wanted to make love all the time”.

To more powerfully increase our experience of pleasure and satisfaction in our relationships, it is incredibly valuable to begin a communion with the part of our body specifically designed to give us pleasure. The pleasure centre of the female body is located in the clitoris, containing an amazing 8,000 nerve endings! There are more nerve endings in this one tiny organ than in any other part of the female body. Simply by turning your attention to this area and all the surrounding erogenous tissues you rapidly increase blood flow and increase overall sense of wellbeing and sensuality.

Want to experience more pleasure in your life? Try the following steps and boost your love life today!

Six Sensual Steps to Power-Up Your Pleasure

1. Pamper – Indulge your senses by surrounding yourself with things you love. Enhance the joy you experience being in your home or working environment by adding flowers, candles and sensuous fabrics.

2. Mundane to Marvelous - Choose a beautiful glass instead of a tumbler for drinking water, select a precious cup from which to sip your tea, transform your bathtub into your own sanctuary by using sensuous oils and soft lighting.

3. Dance – take a three minute boogie break each day and play your favourite track. Celebrate being in your body by shaking your bootie like Beyonce!

4. Savour Flavours - Eat something delicious every day with complete mindfulness, fully engage with the sensation of enjoying every mouthful.

5. Enjoy What You Wear – Dress in clothes you feel amazing in. Let go of anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit or doesn’t feel good on you. Have in your wardrobe only the items that give you delight.

6. Play – Have fun flowing energy to your erogenous zones. Energy follows awareness, become more consciously aware of your erogenous zones and instantly experience increased blood flow to the area. You only need turn your attention to them to experience increased pleasure and sensual arousal.

Author's Bio: 

Jayne is the founder of Power-Up Coaching™ which combines life coaching, meditation, visualisation, martial arts, angelic healing and integrative arts therapy. Jayne draws on over 20 years martial arts experience and 15 years combined experience in international business, teaching, radio and television presenting. As a qualified Personal and Business Coach, Jayne is a member of the highly reputed Coaching Circle, National Council of Psychotherapists and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She holds a BSc in Economics and International Business with languages, an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Application of the Arts, and is currently completing her Masters degree in Coaching with Integrative Arts. www.jaynemorris.com