As women business owners, we’re always looking for fresh new ways to promote our business. We have this great product/service so it’s reasonable to want to share that with as many people as possible! However, especially in a saturated industry, how do we ensure that we are reaching a new audience?

Technology is always changing so keeping up with the latest trends in technology is a great way to start! Podcasting, for example, has been a force that has taken over the internet. This SEO tactic is a convenient, intimate and engaging format so it’s no wonder 58% of listeners spend one to 5 hours listening to podcasts per week!

You might be wondering if a podcast is right for your business. After all, if you’re going to invest valuable resources and time into making one, you want to make sure that you truly reach a new audience! So what’s the big deal with podcasting? And how can it help elevate your brand?

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