In all areas of life, positive thought patterns can have a profound affect. Often, health problems can subside, money problems can disappear, relationships woes can go away, and many other issues can be resolved simply through the power of positive affirmation. Astral projection is also affected by positive affirmations. Along with many other techniques, this can induce astral projection with success. For many, these affirmations can help to overcome fear, relax the body, and encourage astral travel where other techniques have failed. In order to astral project, fear must step aside so your mind and body can allow the transformation to occur. These affirmations are one of the many important techniques to use in the astral projection process.

How Positive Affirmations Work

Like using positive thought patterns in other areas, use during astral projections will encourage the astral body to separate and allow you to overcome fears in initial experiences. Especially for beginners in astral travel, these affirmations can work to encourage projection. Repeating a specific phrase during the relaxation stages will help you to convince your astral body that it will be safe as it travels the astral plane. For beginners, the unknown feelings that come with astral travel can be the biggest obstacles to success. From the pre-separation vibration to the ability to stay with the projection for longer periods of time, being positive is a useful tool for astral projectionists of all experience levels.

Examples of Affirmations

If you decide you need a little more encouragement before you can succeed in astral travel, there are many different ways to express positivity. The phrase will most effectively be repeated over and over again as you enter deep relaxation. Typically, as you enter the pre-sleep state, the affirmation should be repeated as a commitment to yourself and your astral body. Depending on your goals and the techniques that work best for you, it’s best to create a phrase that best meets your needs. Some examples of affirmations used by astral travelers include:

•I will separate from my body now.

•Once I fall asleep, I will intentionally separate from my physical body.

•While I sleep, I will be fully aware of my astral body’s experiences.

•I want to astral project now.

•I will consciously travel the astral plane.
These are just a few phrases that can be repeated as you enter the stages of relaxation that will precede astral projection. The thing to remember is that practice and patience are the only ways to succeed with astral projection. Like all things, it will take time to perfect the art of astral travel. With the right tools and techniques, you can experience the unlimited sensations that come with Out of Body Experiences (OBEs).

How Visualizations Relate to Affirmations

Another powerful technique used to induce astral projection is visualization. This technique is often combined with affirmation. You can visualize your astral body separating from the physical one, which is in essence picturing the affirmation in your mind. This is usually most effective during meditation and is also quite useful in diminishing fear associated with astral travel. For most, the act of picturing the astral body walking around the room and doing a specific task will work to enhance one’s ability to astral project. With practice, visualization and affirmation can become a part of your astral projection routine. This routine would need to be performed each time astral projection is attempted. Through the same sequence of events being repeated, the astral body will understand that it is time to travel the astral plane.

Positive Affirmations Increase Your Chances of Success

Like all areas of life, astral projection affirmations will increase your chances of astral projecting. Being positive about your ability to overcome fear and achieve your goals on the astral plane will help you succeed. No matter what phrase you choose to repeat, you will be able to learn to allow the astral body to separate from the physical one. Once you embrace these unknown sensations, you can finally achieve whatever goals you’ve set forth. With people having practiced astral travel for centuries, it is possible for anyone to learn to succeed in traveling the astral plane. Positive astral projection affirmations are one of many tools that can help you succeed.

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