No matter your industry, job, lifestyle, dream or vision, thought plays a huge part in your life.

I know, I know, I hear you ask, ‘Who THINKS about what they THINK about?’

Very few people, I guess, but that is why I am writing today to introduce you to the thoughts that
you do not THINK about. To introduce you to the reason for the results that you have so far
achieved or NOT achieved.

It is quite simple, really.

Now is the time to THINK about what you THINK about.

For in this issue, you will find that YOUR THOUGHTS DETERMINE YOUR LOT.

It’s not rocket science, it’s not because someone at your workplace does not like you, and it’s not because the ‘universe has conspired against you’; it is not because God hates you (and may I add here that He does not know how to hate, thus He loves you); it’s not because it’s a curse on you or your family or your lineage; it’s not because you are average or you are very smart; it’s not because you did something to someone many years ago and the person has not forgiven you…and I could go on and on…
It’s because of how you THINK.
How do I know this?
Because the Good Book, says, ‘…as a man THINKS in his heart so is he.’
That means to me that a person is what he THINKS or she THINKS. I told you, it is that simple.
You see, I believe in the POWER OF POSITIVE THOUGHTS.
I have changed so many things in my life simply by changing how I THINK about the particular issue.
Let me share an example with you.

I have two children, Sarah is 19 going on 28 (seriously!)and Joshua just turned 18.
I have always thought that if I do not teach them something and keep repeating it, they will
never get it right. And so, over the years, I kept repeating myself to them. They did not
appreciate it at all and exactly what I thought kept happening, they kept forgetting what I had
already taught them and this further concretised in my mind the need for me to constantly
repeat myself and I did. Vicious cycle or what?!

As the years went by, I began to wonder how come they did not seem to ‘get it.’ What was I
doing wrong? Note, these children are in education, not just the primary, secondary education
but that which they got through reading good books and through good nurturing relationships
with their peers and others wiser than they are. Still, I wondered why they did not seem to ‘get
it.’ Whatever I had already taught them, I had to re-teach.

Then I got fed up; I was tired of repeating myself and so decided to try a different approach.

What if I don’t tell them anymore and let them learn through their own mistakes. That was difficult for me. Who wants to watch their children fail, miss it, make mistakes when the parent can actually help them avoid those mistakes.

Positive THINKING power was what was needed here.

Well, I learnt the really hard way until I stopped THINKING that I had to repeat myself to them.

I changed what I had been THINKING all along in order to try the different approach.

I decided to THINK thus:

they are going to remember what I have told them, and what I have taught
them and if they miss it in the process, they will get up, dust themselves off,
make the necessary changes and carry on.

And they did and still do.

This was positive THINKING in action … at last.

This changed my stress levels from distress (bad stress) to eustress (good stress).

I will discuss that in another article.

Suffice it to say here that YOUR THOUGHTS DETERMINE YOUR LOT.

THINK what you want not what you see and you will become what you THINK.

THINK what you want not what you have you will become what you THINK.

Stop a moment and THINK on this statement. (Selah).

As a man THINKS in his heart so is he.


Your Thought-Transformation Coach Inspiring You To THINK Differently.

Author's Bio: 

Kemi Oyesola is a Thought-Transformation Coach, Peak Performance Expert and Inspirational Speaker, NLP Practitioner and Youth Worker, with broad experience to bring to life thinking processes that will move you from where you are to where you really want to be, inspiring others to step out and step up is a penchant of mine.
Interested in teaching how2think in order to have a great and lasting impact on ROI.