I feel proud and powerful when I recycle because I never paid attention years ago when I should have. My opinion has changed dramatically about recycling and the best way to save the planet. I now understand that if we had all done the right things back in the day then we would not have the pressure of it all now although it is much easier now everybody including authorities make it so. I don’t know if my efforts today help but I know I am trying and putting in the effort. To be fair we haven’t got too much choice anyway with all the different bins for separating our rubbish. But as I said I feel powerful knowing I am doing my bit no matter how small.

I do my bit by recycling my paper, plastic and glass and one of the latest things I do is recycle my kitchen food waste. I found that Waste King waste disposal units are available in the UK through The Hunter Fan Company. I have mentioned Hunter before because I do recycle my heating energy during the winter and now you are asking how I can do that. www.hunterfan.co.uk . The fans operate in reverse so I can turn the thermostat down and save 6% for each digit down. This is because in reverse it reclaims-the-air that has risen and gently pushes it back down so using again and again.

Waste King Disposal units are easy to fit and use. The reason I wanted one is because they offer significant advantages over composting and collection. Most significant are the space savings, avoidance of smell and vermin, and the fact that methane is captured resulting in carbon savings.www.waste-disposal-unit.com

Did you know food waste that is dumped on landfill sites gets converted into methane which is a very powerful greenhouse gas, 25 times more damaging to the environment than C02 and a major contributor to climate change. Government and local councils in the UK are working towards reducing landfill in order to meet stringent targets to comply with European Union regulations.

I didn’t know anything about disposer units but I have a friend that feels very strongly and we researched them. Once we had all the information looked for the best of the best and found Waste King Units were without a doubt the best so we were both pleased to find them in the UK and immediately invested in one each. This is what I call recycling. No fuss, no effort just my Hunter ceiling fan and Waste King under the sink unit.

I feel like many others that if we had actually believed we would have global warming 30 or 40 years ago we may have changed the way we did things. No one thought we would so we carried on in our own merry way and now look where we are. It is now on our radar much more because the media is so much more advanced than years ago that now we hear about things we didn't hear about before and it is in our faces all the time. With more news in all the media like the papers, television, radio and the internet we get to hear about all the worlds disasters like volcano’s, earthquakes, tsunami's, hurricanes and the rest on a day by day basis so now it is more likely to be all down to global warming.

So my message is to try and do what is best for you and I do this with little effort but think about how small efforts will benefit your great, great, great grandchildren and being able to take control now for their future. Take back the power and know you have helped the environment.

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I started writing articles to impart my opinions, advice and sometimes wisdon usually with a bit of humour. I love sharing it with lots of people so hope the articles are enjoyed.