According to the law of attraction, your thoughts influence your destiny. This is the law that connects people of similar passions and/or interests together. It is a means for people to deal with their lives, get things done and obtain what they desire.

Literally, the law of attraction states that "like attracts like”. In order to gain positive results while using this law, you need to keep up a positive outlook on life. The law of attraction teaches that joy brings joy; thoughts of money bring money; anger receives anger; fear causes fear; laughter makes more laughter; and a positive outlook attracts others with positive outlooks.

We are all using the power of the law of attraction in some way or another, whether we are aware of it or not. If we want to take full advantage of all the possibilities this law has to offer, we need to be observant, concentrate solely on what we want and have faith that our desires will come to reality. For example, focus the ‘Ends’. What do I mean by this? Well, the more we focus on the Ends (what we want) the faster the ‘Means’ will follow (how to get what we want).

This law teaches that we are, essentially, human magnets. Knowing this, we have the power to create our own reality and attract it to us. But remember, the law of attraction does not distinguish between what is good for us and what is not. You can still bring about positive things just as easily as you can bring negative things into your life. The trick is to be clear about what you want and let the I-don’t-want-this list completely fall away. If you are giving your attention to something, good or bad, the law of attraction will shift the universe to give you what you have been thinking about.

The power of the law of attraction works like any other law of nature. Just as the law of gravity dictates that what comes up must come down, the law of attraction dictates that your thoughts bring about your desires. Whether you accept it or not, the law is always at work and will keep right on working for you, consciously or unconsciously.

The final point here is: you attracted it, and you brought it into your reality; or, in the more famous words provided by the Genie in the bottle, “Your wish is my command”. We must make sure that our thoughts and actions are completely in line with what we want to attract. When we are being conscious about what we want, all we have to do is look out for the ‘Means’, take action where necessary, keep our focus on the ‘Ends’ and watch all our desires come flowing into our lives!

Author's Bio: 

Piet Hein Bredero is a success coach and trainer with over 30 years work experience in management, franchising, customer service, financial services and IT solutions.
From the age of 21, when he was in charge of a fast food franchise with 60 employees, he gained his first management and coaching experience. Since then he has been an advocate of personal development; helping people to challenge themselves and reach their potential.
By using a combination of NLP, Light Body and the oh-so-powerful law of attraction, Piet Hein coaches people and businesses to succeed by leading them trough his Success Training. The phrases I can’t and I have to do not exist in his vocabulary, and, by following his training, you can learn how to banish these phrases from your vocabulary, too.
His mottos in life are very simple: “Live and work with passion” and “Life is too short to dance with ugly girls”.
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