Step back in time as you visit the exotic island of Oahu and explore the ancient Healing Blood Stone that is in Wahiawa. Although this Healing Blood Stone was originally located closer to Ku Kani Loko, it has been broken into pieces and moved to Wahiawa. Here it sits enclosed in a covered enclave, but you can still feel its energetic powers.

Many pilgrimages are made to the Healing Blood Stone yearly. Both Hindus and Polynesians believe that this stone has special powers that flow out of the stone into the person who touches it. Some people say that it has healed them of various ailments and they have felt the power of healing through the various regions of the body.

The Healing Blood Stone holds significant meaning to Polynesians as well as those of the Hindu faith. However, it should be noted that to each of these ethnic/religious groups the Healing Blood Stone represents two entirely different things.

The Polynesians believe that these stones were empowered with the healing powers by four ancient Tahiti healers who visited Hawaii. They asked the villagers to choose four bell stones as a monument in which they transferred their healing powers to heal the sick, infirm, and elderly when they left to go back to their religious compound.

These four stones were then broken, separated and placed at two different locations. Two were placed where they lived and the other two were moved to the Polynesian villagers’ favorite bathing spot. Somehow, these four stones were moved and placed in one spot, and throughout time, their significance was forgotten.

As industry developed, so did homes and businesses. In fact, these ancient Healing Blood Stones were actually buried under a building and were rediscovered when the building was torn down. After some time, the people of the city erected a platform in which these stones were placed.

An enclosed fence now surrounds the Healing Blood Stones, along with another sacred monument, the Stone of Life. When you visit this sacred monument, you will often see various floral necklaces adorning the stones. The reason for this is not only to honor those four Kahuna of long ago, but to also permit rainwater that has collected in the flowers to trickle down onto the stone and cleansing them, thus renewing and strengthening their healing powers.

In ancient times, the Hawaiian religion practiced the worship of many deities that included their Gods, lesser Gods, and guardians. They also worshipped inanimate objects such as sticks, bones of the dead, sharks, and stones. As time went on, religious missionaries arrived and introduced the Hawaii people to Christianity.

In time, there was a law passed that forbid the Hawaiian people to worship idol images. Although this was form of worship was forbidden, many villagers worshipped their idols in secrecy. The history of these spiritual stones keeps unwinding, visit the stones to experience that special aura and that special feeling that surrounds them.

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