There is a Universal Creative Energy that flows through and around us all, and is available to everyone, period. It does not care who you are, it’s always there and it’s responsible for turning thoughts into things. All we have to do is tap into this energy to achieve whatever it is we desire. So, if you think of a ‘thing’ it will materialize.

Every thing you can see and touch started out as a thought. Someone thought about the concept of a lightbulb, a toaster, a microwave, a car, a train. Their form and function is now close to how the creator or designer imagined them. You get the picture. Everything in nature itself; fauna and flora, must have been formed from thoughts too … but from a realm we can’t yet comprehend!

However, nothing simply appears out of nowhere. Take a car: it started out as a thought, an idea, then it evolved to a sketch on paper, then an engineering drawing, then a clay model, next a working prototype, and so on. The original thought, the idea will start to take FORM only if the creator continues to THINK about the end result. It grows … like a seed grows into a plant or tree. There will be stages to go through, it will take time and it will need nurturing. But if you VISUALIZE the end result with PASSION, it will be (or very closely resemble) your original THOUGHT.

Be careful though, it works for negative emotional thoughts too. If you think negatively, for instance “I am never going to have any money”, “I’m always in debt,” “I always have low-pay jobs.” You know the kind of thoughts we all have sometimes. Then the Universal Creative Energy will pick up on this and give you more of what your thoughts are signalling … and that’s what you will continue to get. You get more of what you THINK.

So, always think positive thoughts with passion. BELIEVE them: “I am always going to have lots of money,” “I love life!” I’m always going to be highly paid for whatever I do!”

We now have some useful words that are part of the formula for tapping into and using the Creative Energy:


As an example, let’s say you want a house (it could be a car, a boat, etc.) Think about it. Now vizualise it … base the image on a house you would like to live in, look at photos of houses that are priced well above what you falsely imagine you can afford now: the houses you falsely imagine are for “other people - with more money.” Hold the image. Visualize the windows, the roof, the brick or stonework, the timbers, the doors, the garden, etc. Try to imagine exactly what you want. Now believe you are living in it: moving around, cooking, relaxing, watching TV, sleeping in it; enjoying the garden and the views outside. Feel it and believe it is yours with passion. Believe it’s real. The more you practice this creative visualization technique the more you will be attracting your desires via the Universal Creative Energy. Think it and believe it. Eventually it will be yours.

TIP: It’s easier to think and visualise the goal or outcome, the ‘thing.’ Don’t think about money: think about what you would do with the money. Travel, business, car, boat, house, etc., the money will be provided to pay for the thought.

Try it. It works. Maybe start with something small and work up. Remember, the Universal Creative Energy is for everyone. Use it!

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Tim Johnson is writer liaison officer at free ebook publishing and distribution site where he also gets to design book covers and mess about with all things technical. Did you know that writers can publish free of charge on obooko?