Employees are no longer stunk to their table all day. The Information and communication technology made working from different place possible: employees can now work from different time zones, location, and sometimes in various languages.
Many employees are now seeing the need to work from home (or from any place apart from the office), at their own speed and determining the time they will love to spend on each task ahead! But how can this be possible, considering the large number of the employee?

Using Videos for a Distributed Workforce

You can manage your distributed workforce in different ways – using communication programs like emails, video chatting, conference calls, and organizing the annual meeting in a particular location. Some explainer videos can be used for team building, videos or live chats and adequate communication are various things you need to stay in touch with you workforce, this allows the employees to express themselves and encourage knowledge sharing. Everyone will be able to think together if they have a video. Below are various steps in which a video can help a distributed workforce:

1) Communication from headquarters to Branches

Through various videos we can develop an effective communication in companies with distributed workforces. Utilize video to inform, engage and retain high performers. Frequent communication by the member of the senior management will create a positive, and encourage employees to work dedicatedly. The passion and enthusiasm, and other personal positive culture is created. In addition, a kind of interpersonal relationship is created, and trust and loyalty. It has been discovered also that videos keep your employees busy. Those in your company that are professional in their craft can produce videos to train and adequately inform them on how they can build one or two skills, thereby increasing communication and relationship in the distributed workforce.

2) Company policy, vision, and goals

Informing your employee of what you want to get with the business is very important, and video is a perfect way of describing what every employee in the company should be working on. You can also state the vision, goals and every other thing important to the brand or business. Other things you may want the employee to know can be included in the video. Video can also be used to pinpoint the several employees role in the company, when it is used to clarify job description. In addition, use video to show individuals how their own contributions help to achieve broader goals within the company. By doing so, workers become more engaged. Also, video can be used to highlight the employee contribution to the success of the organization. In turn, more loyalty is generated as your distributed workforce senses that they are truly valued.

3) Initial Training

The process of getting the right training to the local employee in distributed workforce can be an uphill task. Video on its own is an effective medium, but can be enhanced even further by using the text that better relate the situation at hand to the employees. It is important that the content and quality of the video are both of a high standard in order to engage employees optimally. Mysimpleshow is a good place to make such videos.

4) Training Library

Apart from the initial training of your distributed workforce, learning materials will help the employee establish their skill. They should be equipped with a material that will answer their quick doubt and question as much as possible. Also, make sure that your workforce has access to previously delivered content, in case they need to review information. Employees simply want content that directly teaches them the skills they need. With mysimpleshow, it is easy to create an entire video training library. Mysimpleshow makes distributing and accessing these the video very simple.

A Productive Distributed Workforce

Video gives you the expected mood of communication with a distributed workforce, ensures access to a wide variety of quality learning resources, shares information, maximizes performance, and increases productivity regardless of time or location. Mysimpleshow provides you the tools to create a video that can allow you to communicate with your employee. It allows you to start small and to grow in engaging your workforce with a high-quality video experience. And so, your distributed workforce will reach new heights.

Author's Bio: 

Torsi Utley is an experienced columnist and educator with more than 20 years experience.