On this International day of yoga, we exclusively bring you yoga poses that can leave your skin glowing and hair stronger. We always knew this ancient practice as a salve for a migraine, to improve digestion. Yoga by virtue of being a relaxing and energizing workout, it has numerous beauty benefits and is great for skin and hair too. It helps in reducing the stress hormones like cortisol and increases the level of happy hormones in the brain. Yoga improves blood circulation in the body, which plays a vital role in enhancing skin and hair health.

Here’s the list of asanas to practice to unveil radiant skin and strong hair.

Kapalbhati to combat premature aging

It is a breathing technique that helps the body to inhale more oxygen, stimulates cell growth and regeneration of the skin and hair. It is a bit tricky to ace this breathing technique. However, practice is the key.

Ustrasana for stress-induced acne

The camel pose is not only great for your front hip flexors but also involves an intense backbend that assists in opening up the lung capacity. It also reduces stress and balances the cortisol level, which is responsible for breakouts.

Adho mukha svanasana to brighten up the skin

This asana is considered an inversion, which means the blood flowing in the body is reversed away from the gravitational force. This process supplies fresh blood to the face while stimulating the skin and lymphatic system of the body that helps in flushing out all the toxins.

Urdhvamukha svanasana to tighten facial muscles

The backbends stretch tones the front part of the body. In this asana, the head drops backward, and the neck is lengthened. It not only tones neck muscles but also pulls neck muscles with the effect of a good facial massage.

Uttanasana to stimulate hair growth

This forward bending pose relaxes muscles and increases the blood and oxygen flow to the head which stimulates the hair follicles to grow long and strong. It improves the functioning of the glands and leaves hair lustrous and healthy.

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