Dreaming has a wonderful power to it. Weather it be spiritually motivated or just lounging around in your mind. It can make your heart race and you are indeed loving every minute of it . ( Hopefully it is a nice dream )
This causes our energy to rise with desire and hope. We pray and ask God for these desires and if our faith and need and desire is strong enough we do have the ability with the help of the holy spirit to indeed create this.
How wonderful is that. Dreaming is essential to our natures well being. We must never stop our dreaming. It is a fuel for the engine of creativity and that is the engine of co- creating with God. Now all dreams are not manifested, only some are. But hey if I can get one out of ten then I am a happy women and you should be too !!!

Dream to day , Pray today, and find your path of freedom to the ultimate climate of creation.

Where there is love all is possible. and where there are dreams all is wondrous.

Dilani Diva

Author's Bio: 

Dilani Diva is a spiritual Psychic and a spiritual Guru. She has been helping many through her gifts of channelling for many years. Dilani focusses on The lives of people and their personal development. Wether is be Love, or Life or Personal Power. She Channels in with her guide to give us spiritual guidance and messages. Her focus is the development of each ones spiritual journey. Dilani also predicts for the future. However the future depends on each one's path and so she provides insights for one's achievements. To learn more about this mystical eastern Psychic visit her website and spiritual studio at
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