What do you do to meet your goals?

Try to imagine asking this question randomly and you’ll probably get a variety of reactions.

Anyone who’s ever wanted more will have probably laid out a plan to achieve what they want.

Personal goals are of course closest to the heart of any dreamer or aspiring achiever.

For me my early goal was to achieve everything possible as a rugby player. Represent my country, captain my country and also tour with the British and Irish Lions, which fortunately I was able to realize during my career.

Now my goal is to empower as many people as possible from all around the world to reach their true potential and create for themselves a more successful, happy and abundant life.

For every goal I personally set myself, I create a step by step plan that ensures I continually move closer and closer to achieving it.

But the question is does anyone who aspires or sets a goal for themselves, lay out a plan to achieve their goal?

Systematic approaches to attain set goals are not very common with personal goals, since this will most likely entail the person’s vision and technique.

There are goals that may or may not need the involvement of another person or entity. Some will need the assistance and monitoring of others for guaranteed results.


Through evolution and modernization, goals have changed from every stage of life.

The goal to finish school, to be in a certain weight, to own a property or house at a certain age, and the goal to settle down and eventually retire comfortably in the future are some of the more common goals that a person might have.

Or are they?

To some if not most, these things which were enumerated won’t even count as goals, but phases that have become standard in living.

Treating these as goals, rather than what’s next in your life, will give more value to these events.

In order to meet your goals, you will need an objectification, even on those that may hold value to your existence. In fact being objective about a goal just might be the biggest step you’ll take towards meeting it.


Goals in life for some are at times held with emotion.

Being able to step back, and look at a goal gives a person more control over it.

Losing weight, buying a car, getting an MBA or doctorate, even having a baby can all be better achieved as a goal if it’s documented to achievement.

Taking note of the steps you’ve taken, effort you’ve exerted and progress you’ve made, no matter how big or small help meet your goals in life.

This will also give you an account of things that you may later review on should there be any fall back.


Commitment should always be present for you to meet your goals.

You may lose everything else, but if you remain committed to your goal, it will still happen.

Everything else that you may add in to achieve your goal is an accessory or proof to your commitment.

Strategies like, taking personal note, an account of steps taken, and endorsement or monitoring with another person, are all part of the commitment to achieve it.

Key performance indicators or progress rate, that’s readily visible, will be a big help to meet your goals.

Being able to look at the numbers on your bank account, for the money you’re saving for that new car may add more motivation to you.

Someone who’s cutting down on weight might find it even more inspiring to look at the new weight after losing some pounds, plastered on his wall.

Once you meet your goals, this can propel you to greater self worth and bigger achievements, with the right attitude and commitment.

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Having goals is a vital component to achieving success.It gives you a sense purpose and drive to create a better life for yourself. Start applying proven strategies to ensure you meet your goals and create for yourself a more successful and fulfilling life.