There Is Nothing Wrong With You, Except…YOU ARE BORED!

Yeah, I know, if you are anything like me, you are screaming, “That’s not me!”

You have this list to build, that website to upgrade and those programs to launch. Oh, and the kids to chase.

You don’t even have a moment to pop a zit, let alone sitting around toiling your thumbs wondering what to do or hmmm, feeling bored.

But what if, all the things that are keeping you busy are the source of your boredom?

Entrepreneurial Boredom may not look like inaction, or stuffing your face with Doritos. But deep down, something feels OFF…

You may be suffering from Entrepreneurial Boredom if:

You are overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list that keeps growing because everything seems important but nothing feels “right on” so you got stuck in limbo

You drag your ass to the computer, punch the clock and wonder where that FIRE has gone as you go through the motion (as you tell yourself, someone has to pay the bills, sigh)

You chase your tail on the hamster wheel and spend a load of dough on bright shiny objects under the illusion that some $297 program will give you the magic bullet… but 90% of the time, you didn’t get the results “as advertised”, thought there was something wrong with you, and felt even more confused

In fact, you have done enough programs and trainings that for most tactics and strategies you would say, “tell me something I don’t know.” But all the pieces just aren’t falling in place to make sense for YOUR business

You get patchy results, and you wonder what went wrong because you have done everything “by the book” but half the time, still fall flat on your face. You experienced some “wins” but the elation is short-lived and you are back to feeling that weight on your shoulder soon after

You fall into the comparison trap and get jealous of the results others get (being on stage, having a big list, making multiple 6-fig, publishing a book) – maybe in one breath you would say you don’t care about that kind of thing, and before the next inhale, you turn green – the conflict between the feeling inside and what you are telling yourself is tearing you up

You are impatient with people around you, express discontent about your situation, and do that “grass is always greener where you are not” thing (and you know those thoughts are not good for attracting what you want… so you beat yourself up for thinking them!)– because you don’t trust that you are on the right path… or maybe you lack a functioning internal guiding system so all paths look pretty much the same

You are future-tripping (it is different from solid planning) or hanging out in the land of coulda-shoulda (you don’t trust that your current action is leading you to where you want to be) instead of being fully and unapologetically in your biz at the current moment, because you are constantly doubting if you are on the right track
Here is the kicker…

The more you sense “something is off”, the more you push to get more “stuff” done hoping to make yourself feel better, and the more “off” things become…

… but you are too afraid to let go of what you know or what has been (sort of) working to really ask – what does FUN in my business looks like? How do I want to BE in my business?

… because you are afraid that the answer will require you to jump off the cliff; because once you realize the Truth, you cannot undo your awareness but your logical brain is screaming, “I don’t want to handle that!!”

In a way, your innate mechanism wants to protect you by staying “congruent” in your actions – even if it’s not being congruent with your Truth – is preventing you from seeing your own predicament.


Let’s go back to the beginning…

There is a reason we became entrepreneurs. We value our individuality, unique ideas and vision enough to walk out of cubicle-existence (+ the illusion of “stability”) to blaze our own trail.

We want to be seen, heard, and express our core essence. Seen and heard – be it a small following or a large audience – whatever floats your boat.

Bottom line: we need* to be acknowledged for being more than a faceless cog in a giant machine. (*Not the vanity kind of “need” but a deep human desire to matter.)

We said “no” to the box, but often times,
we unknowingly walk from one box into another.

When we started our entrepreneurial journey, we soaked up all the information and knowledge on how to build a business like a sponge (Bob).

We were given, with good intention, blueprints, systems, tactic and strategies (plus the preconception that come with them) to follow and implement.

We colored inside the line, learned the ropes, built something decent and even attained some success to prove that, well, it’s not a fluke.

But at some point, the tried-and-true handed down from others ceased to be true for us. The excitement of “learning” the craft in a paint-by-number capacity lost its thrill. “Getting results” turned from achievement to “oh yeah, that’s just how it works.”

There is a yearning for more… for something deeper, truer, more permanent… a little inking whispering in your ear, a voice you cannot ignore.

The systems we have been following have turned into a hamster wheel. What worked before has now turned into a trap.


You haven’t done anything wrong…

You have to go through what you have gone through, to learn the craft and basics of building a business so instead of expending your attention in the nuts-and-bolts, you can now listen to that inkling whisper…

…stirring up the desire in you to find YOUR voice and express it undiluted and unapologetically through your business.

What Causes Entrepreneurial Boredom?

The day-in-day-out, the routine determined by other people’s systems, blueprints, tactics, strategies and preconceptions no longer work – because they are not in alignment with that inkling, aka your Truth, aka the way YOU roll.

Even if that inkling is so tiny that you can’t put your finger on it, let alone verbalize it. But once you are aware of its presence, there is no turning back.

Entrepreneurial Boredom comes from that deeper place in YOU (belly, solar plexus, heart… you can’t think your way into or out of it) when your actions are not in alignment with that deep yearning of your soul/inner voice/higher self.

It happens when you are running around chasing stuff/stats/status etc. (aka success as defined by others) that does not allow you to BE YOU in your business. It happens when that powerful little inkling cannot find its expression through your work.

Entrepreneurial Boredom happens when you bottle up your individuality, conviction and superpowers in the hope that you can fit in and look “right.”

It happens when the act of creating meaning with intentionality from deep within you gives way to the mind chatter, fears, preconceptions and past conditionings floating around in your head.

It happens when you are not doing that thing you KNOW you need to do to achieve your desire because you are denying your deepest longing – your monkey mind and your fears tempted you to look away and divert your attention with some bright shiny objects…

It is that nudge, or beep beep sound, before the 2×4 hits.

(It can be very scary to realize that our actions are holding us back from living our own truth, and as human we fear change so following the “how-to” “blueprints and systems” is easier than blazing our own trail.)


Simple Cure For a Seemingly Complex Problem…

Even though there can be a long list for how entrepreneurial boredom can look like (see above), the root cause is simple.

You are burning calories on the hamster wheel thinking you are being productive while your soul is toiling its thumb and stuffing its face with Doritos watching some housewife reruns… wondering when (if ever) it can actually get to work and do that impactful thing you are meant to do.

The feeling that “something is off” is your “guts/inner guidance/higher self” telling you that it is sitting on its ass as its true expression is being stifled.

That’s why you are running on the treadmill and not losing a pound… because on the other side a very important part of you is stuffing its face with Doritos.

How can you expect consistent results when different parts of you are doing different things and sending out mixed messages?

Ok, the simple cure…

Find out what that little inkling is whispering to you, formulate it into YOUR very own maverick entrepreneurial identity and personal brand story, then step up and own the hell out of it!

Of course, you have to let the world know about it, which means you also have to EXPRESS it through your offerings and marketing communication – after all it’s a business we are talking about, and it has to make money for ya.

When the ALIGNMENT happens, when your clarity, message, offering, communication all stem from your Truth – your soul will have a clear channel to express itself to the world.

When your soul is no longer toiling its thumb in the background, all the symptoms of Entrepreneurial Boredom (aka, the long list above) goes POOF!


Are You Ready to Say Buh-Bye to YOUR Entrepreneurial Boredom?

I know, finding that little whisper of an inkling can be difficult. It can be an elusive little thing. And if it were easy you would have heard it already.

For some people, if they have the gumption, they can journal till they turn blue then journal some more to get to the bottom of it – but frankly, it takes a LOT of guts because you have to be unabashedly/brutally honest with yourself and not many people can pull that off.

(How do I know? I have been there. I worked with 3 coaches to “beat” that little inkling out of me. I had to face fears and mindset shit that I have been hiding from my whole life.

It hurt – deep at the core level. For 9 months, I found myself curled up into a ball trying to work through all the emotions that come up… at least twice a week. Those are emotions that cannot be labeled or described because they didn’t come from the mind.

For a Type-A-Brainiac this can be the hardest thing to swallow – you mean I can’t label, intellectualize and think my way out of this? WTF.)

That’s where I come in and I want to help YOU (for free)

My clients are not self-development newbies, but they struggle with this piece. I get to make them say “Busted!” all the time.

I have the superpower to take everything a client throw at me, find the gem and reflect it back in a way that totally resonates at a deep “hell yeah!” level.

My clients often tell me I say it much better than they do – in a way that sells.

Plus, I point out the mindset gunk that is stopping them from owning the hell out of it. Straight up – I don’t beat around the bushes.

Best part? It only involves getting on the phone with me… no 3-hour questionnaires, no journaling till you turn blue. Easy Peasy.

Would you DARE to spend 45 minutes with me and SEE that Truth in YOU?

I have stopped doing “complimentary strategy sessions” a while back (for real, see the bottom of this page) – today, I am opening up 5 spots to a complimentary session, in which we will turn that inkling into meaningful business direction you can run with – a direction your whole SELF will be on board with.

Which means, we will put an end to the symptoms of Entrepreneurial Boredom for you, on your own terms.

To apply for your session, send your answers to these questions before Friday April 3 by emailing

Where are you at in your business?
Where do you want to be? (It’s ok to say “I don’t know”)
What frustrates you most right now? What is holding you back?
How badly is your Entrepreneurial Boredom affecting you and your biz?
Why do you want to talk to me?

Recap – normally you have to pay at least $197 to get me on the phone for such in depth conversation. Apply before Friday April 3 and you have the opportunity to score it for FREE.

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Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients claim their entrepreneurial identity and architect their personal brand story, then translate them into offerings and marketing communication that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training.

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