I was able to better understand the meaning of dreams after studying Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because I was a literature writer. The unconscious mind gives us artistic talents and religious inclinations, besides producing our dreams.

I needed all the help I could have because I had inherited too much absurdity into the wild side of my conscience (anti-conscience). The anti-conscience is the wild side of the human conscience, which generates mental illnesses within the human side of our conscience.

I would surely become schizophrenic like my father without following psychotherapy. The divine unconscious mind gave me a great literary in order to help me keep my sensitivity alive.

Besides that, I had to be able to clearly understand the unconscious messages in dreams. This was the only way I could save my mental stability before losing my mind. My own literature helped me better decipher the hidden meaning of dreams.

I also had to continue Carl Jung’s research and discover the anti-conscience that he couldn’t see. I had to prove to the world that our dreams are sent by God, and help Him put an end to terrorism on Earth. My mission was very difficult. God had prepared me for accepting a crucifixion.

I had to accept obeying God’s will instead of doing what my own conscience desired.

My human conscience was almost dead. My anti-conscience had already practically destroyed my conscience. I understood the severity of my mental illness, understanding that my obedience to the unconscious wisdom was a true salvation from terror and despair. I recognized my own absurdity, and my incapacity to decide alone what to do in my life. Thus, I humbly accepted precisely obeying the unconscious mind, which works like a natural doctor.

My work is the result of my obedience to the unconscious wisdom, after discovering the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn’t perceive.

The prediction and the prophecy contained in the dream symbols found in a literary book, which I wrote after passing through the worst experience of my life, helped me discover the cure for all mental illnesses.

Without knowing this fact, I was a prophet. The symbolism contained in my literature revealed the existence of a prophecy, besides the existence of a prediction. A prophecy is a message of divine truth revealing God’s will. This prophecy was found in the book I had written after suffering from a terrible car accident, losing my dearest friend Marina, who was only 22-years-old. I was 15-years-old at the time.

I lost my memory for a month, and the coordination of my movements during six months. My recuperation was a true miracle.

I had to suffer from this terrible accident in order to start writing the strange romance entitled ‘The Philanthropic Beggar’ a year later. I started writing it in Portuguese, in Sao Paulo - Brazil, where I was born. I kept writing it during my long trip to the USA and Greece for two years.

I took 6 years in order to finish writing this complicated romance, which had a philosophical style very different from everything I had read before. At the time I was writing it, I even thought that I was creating a new literary style with this strange novel. It was classical and modern at the same time. All dialogues ended on rhymes.

I finished writing ‘The Philanthropic Beggar’ a few days before getting married, when I was almost 22-years-old. This book was never published, but it gave me the key of knowledge. I could better understand the meaning of dreams after translating the symbolic meaning of the dream symbols I found in this literary work.

All the personages of the book were archetypes. Archetypes are very important dream symbols found in all civilizations and historical times. They represent facts that belong to the human race. Archetypes are life experiences that are common to the human race.

When I managed to clearly translate the meaning of the symbols I found in my literary work, I could clearly understand the symbolic unconscious language.

I even thought that if Carl Jung could read my literary book he would surely understand that it was a true treasure. ‘The Philanthropic Beggar’ contained so many dream symbols that when I could identify their existence it would become very clear to me that the real author of this story was not me, the supposed author, but the unconscious mind.

I was writing the unconscious words, while believing that I was writing the story of my hero. The beggar’s thoughts were the thoughts of my ego. At the same time, my magical inspiration was dictating me the unconscious words. I was following my inspiration, while having in mind only the literary meaning of the story.

This book was a true treasure that helped me very much in many ways. However, more important than the comprehension of the true meaning of the dream images thanks to the translation of the dream symbols contained in this book, was the knowledge I acquired for being able to clearly understand the unconscious language.

‘The Philanthropic Beggar’ contains a prediction and a prophecy. A prophecy is a message of divine truth revealing God’s will.

This book showed me the truth I would discover after continuing Carl Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psyche in a literary form, even before I could learn how to translate the meaning of dreams. The beggar’s story was a prediction. It prepared me to discover the satanic origin of the human being, and the divine origin of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

The tragic accident and the strange romance I wrote inspired by the unconscious mind prepared me for discovering the satanic content of the anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain. The anti-conscience is our primitive and evil personality.

I discovered that we are in fact under-developed and evil primates. We must fight against the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience in order to keep our mental health.

I could predict that I would make these scientific discoveries even before discovering them, while I was writing the ‘Philanthropic Beggar’ during my adolescence, and during the period of time while I was atheist. After suffering from the tragic accident and losing my friend Marina I stopped believing in the existence of God.

My atheism lasted six years, exactly during the period of time while I was writing the ‘Philanthropic Beggar’. This book was helping me analyze the meaning of life, so that I would be able to discover that God exists, after writing it.

The prediction contained in the symbolic meaning of this book became clearer when I was finally able to translate the symbolic meaning of the dream symbols contained in this literary book. This happened only when I had already studied Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation during four years, and I was finally able to accurately translate the meaning of dreams, in the beginning of 1988, when I was 27-years-old.

The beggar’s failure was a prediction. I would discover that human beings cannot find peace and happiness alone.

Now, here is the prophecy contained in the symbolic meaning of the dream images found in the literary book I wrote when I was a teen:

The philanthropic beggar was my central hero. He had a terrible enemy, a white rock that lived in clouds, over the gray city. The beggar wanted to bring peace, abundance, and happiness to Earth, but the rock didn’t let him save the poor.

While I was writing this book, I was in the position of the beggar. I, the author, agreed with the beggar’s ideas. I believed that the rock represented what is evil, and that the beggar was a hero who wanted to save humanity from poverty.

The philanthropic beggar also wanted to bring peace to our world because there was an invisible war on Earth, besides all visible wars.

I could see only the literary side of this story. However, when I learned how to translate the symbolism contained in my book, I saw that the meaning of the rock, as well as the meaning of all the other personages of this book was totally different from their literary meaning.

The beggar represents a sinner who refuses to obey God’s will. The white rock represents purity and truth; thus, it represents God. God didn’t let the beggar save the poor because the beggar, who was a sinner, didn’t respect God’s wisdom.

This part of the book was explaining why God seems to be cruel, while this is not true. Absurd sinners cannot put an end to poverty based on their crazy ideas. In order to eliminate poverty on Earth, all sinners must obey God’s wisdom.

Another interesting personage of the story was an old man who had a very long beard.

He was behind a picture in the wall, and he was crying all the time. He had no hope of salvation. This old man was there behind the picture, but also inside the human psyche.

He represented the divine unconscious mind, which is always sad because of the evilness contained in our anti-conscience. In other words, this old man represented God himself, who is everywhere.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. God suffers all the time because we are evil.

There were many strange personages in the story of the philanthropic beggar.

The beggar traveled with his granddaughter in order to look for peace and abundance far from the gray city, but they could only find misleading theories in their way.

In the end of the story they discovered that hatred was a poison that didn’t let love live in the human heart.

It was impossible to put an end to the invisible war that separates all human beings.

The beggar’s failure prepared me for discovering that it is impossible to put an end to terrorism on Earth. Only a miracle can save humanity.

This miracle exists – it is the unconscious wisdom, but it cannot save all human beings, unless they eliminate the hatred accumulated in their hearts.

We must always forgive and love our enemies. Only compassion can eliminate poverty and terror.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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