It’s how you talk about it.

It isn’t that your product doesn’t work, you aren’t that good, or your service doesn't provide value.

You aren’t clear about how you help, why you are different, or what problem you solve.

And if you aren’t clear then any message you put out into the ether will also not be clear.

Where does that leave you?

Wondering what is wrong, or blaming your website/your coach/the program you bought/you for being wrong about you.

There are two things you need to get clear on:
Who needs what you got
What they want to know

Until you know who needs you you are an also ran. Why? Because your competitors who have figured out who they sell to will speak in their language, about things that matter to those people—some of whom are your people--and they talk about what’s important to them; they get the customer, client, fan.

When you are clear you won’t spend time answering questions your people didn’t ask. Things like how many hours of training you have or where in the third world you were when you had your epiphany.

I know, I know, you don’t want to miss out on a potential client or customer by narrowing your ideal client or buyer. You want to appeal to a wide audience because you “just know” some of your people are out there and if they hear or see your message they’ll know you are the one.

And it could happen, sometimes it does. But let’s do some numbers. Let’s say you spend $100 on a Facebook ad and you filter it so that 1mm people will see it because you don’t want to limit yourself. Let’s then say you get a miraculous 50% click through rate. (I want your ads person please) You now have 500,000 new leads from 400 different interests, 9 countries, and they range in age from 21-70.

If you are lucky your one very specific offer—an e-book on how to sell corporate—might be of interest to 20 of them. The rest will bounce.

Now let’s say you filter the hell out of your ad because you are clear. You sell sales training to not-for-profit, women owned companies with 20 employees or less. Your FB ad reach is 200K. Your click through rate goes way down, more like the average, to 2%. That’s okay because you now have 40 qualified leads to nurture and you speak their language!

Not to mention you are going to speak to people you want to work with, an ideal client or buyer, not some random person who might not be a fit at all.

Clarity is the starting point in all marketing.

Who do you serve--specifically?

What problem do you solve?

Can you say that so they see you as the logical solution?
Master these three things and you fulfill on your desire to serve people and make a difference. Yes it takes work and you might need help but the alternative is a sad and lonely place.

Author's Bio: 

Gregory Anne Cox is a free spirited entrepreneur who offers marketing in a fashion without using tired and boring content but a new fresh approach getting away from “Squishy Language” From becoming a freelance writer in NYC, to opening her own restaurant in San Diego, she is also a world renown author. Her most recent publications are “Everything is Food Journal” &
“Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans”. Gregory now specializes in Online copy assessment, Done-For-You and Speaker and Engagement Services.