It was not too long ago when I faced with the idea that training does not work. Nevertheless, the nagging sense that maybe everything I had been doing was wrong or inadequate continue to bug me.

If you have been in learning & development strategy for a while, you will conclude that the reply to employee growth is all about training. But, several other areas aren't always about training that could nevertheless grow employees efficiently. One of these includes using innovation to make future oriented think tank jobs. Another may incorporate using facilitation and training to be able to bring performance to a high level.

Throughout each of these strategies for developing people within associations, corporate coaching has grown into among the most sought after, but also one which is plagued with many issues. To begin with, most trainees are not even told why they're attending a training session. This is a problem. The key is all about once skill to frame the requirement to an employee. Whether or not it is a 360-degree evaluation or merely the component of a procedure for development, it is vital for learning and development professionals and companies, in general, to emphasize why it is crucial for training to be carried out.

Now, what is training is done at least the second issue. Memory. Not everyone can recall whatever was discussed within a training session. From a bird's eye perspective, it is very probable that such advice might have been around for long and more correctly taken care of. I know this because I frequently transcribe hours of my lectures believing I would have gotten severe nuggets of advice. What I often see is due to those deviations, interjections, comedy, rapport building, a lot of the info is missing.

Digitization and blended learning solutions are usually the best way to go so that people can't only have an external mind on the computer; they're also able to remember information and enhance this understanding through discussion inside some platform. Forums, wikis, blogs, are all approaches which were used before within businesses to be able to handle the knowledge that's so vast and disparate. Along with this, I want to recommend something different.

If you have never heard of gamification, then you'd have missed the chance to use human motivation within electronic learning processes. Among fascinating ways, you can reward learning is via the usage of complicated gamification. By way of instance, you might just encourage the primary activities like logging in on a daily basis. From a more sophisticated perspective, it may be easier for participants to have the ability to supply a meaningful contribution within this talks, thoroughly and manually evaluated by their teacher.

Using the digital platform and technology is an important part of learning and development strategy for every organization.

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Supriya Nigam is a lead Content Writer & Digital Marketing Strategist at CareerBuilder India. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of digital marketing flows through in the expert HR Technology industry coverage she provides. Also, an avid Yoga practitioner.