The call begins when we work in the illusion of the material world. There is a nagging voice in the back of our mind that whispers constantly that we are destined for something more compassionate and meaningful in our lives. The work we are doing becomes boring, inconsequential, and unimportant. We could be lawyers, construction workers, clerks, 9 to 5’ers. We want to find meaning in life and start reading books on spirituality or enlightenment. We read stories about ordinary people who “wake up” with amazing healing powers or those who had them all along and only had to quit their day job and take the leap of faith to be of service to the world. So we go online and find a teacher who beckons to us to leave the material world and jump into the bright lights of the spiritual world. So we screw up our courage and take the leap of faith our hearts have lead us to take.

So we quit our day job, learned a new healing technique, and are ready to heal the world. We may or may not attract a lot of clients. The numbers are irrelevant. The important thing is that we are following our passion, and we are on the spiritual path. Whether we have success with our healing techniques is irrelevant because of the eastern philosophical truth that we must be detached from the fruits of our labor, the effort is its own reward. When we become attached to the outcome of our healing practice or how much we earn, suffering will surely follow. When we subject ourselves to constant suffering, the art of healing begins to lose its luster and that day job starts to wax in the light of nostalgia.

So we join healing circles, prayer circles, the Association of the Galactic Light Workers Local No. 111-1. We spend our (now) free time sending healing energy to those who have never heard of us and definitely don’t want it. We meditate and emanate for the injured and starving of the world, the riots in Egypt, conflicts that never seem to cease around the globe. It never gets any better. Then we decide that we need more training or a different teacher to jump start our careers and to get the money flowing in, because the savings account is looking a little bare. So we take the last of our savings to attend the weeklong advanced student Grand Convention of Evolved Light Beings, certain that this will transform our lives into bliss and financial security. We become 12th degree masters of the shining sword of Isis knowing that this will guaranty our enlightment and omniscience. Our lives may improve; they may not. The problem is that there are some spiritual principles (teachings) that they don’t tell us when we take Spiritual Healing 101.

(1) DOUBT. Doubt is the great ego weapon that keeps us in suffering no matter what we do. We could be in our day job, a relationship, a beginning healer or a needy client. If the healer holds any doubt about their ability then they can forget about helping their clients. We need to do the best we can with reverence and respect. If they heal, great! If they don’t heal and accuse you of being a fake, great! It is all about having an experience. It has nothing to do with the client. If the client has doubt, that is beyond our control. There is nothing we can do about it. Depending on the level of our doubt, they can be healed or not. We could be the greatest healer ever born on the planet and we still would not be able to help someone with enough doubt. So get ready, we will not heal anyone that doesn’t want it or doesn’t believe in it.

(2) DESTINY. If it is our destiny to be a healer, we will be provided for. If it is not our destiny to be a healer, it doesn’t matter how hard we work, train, meditate, practice or want it, the universe will let us know we need to be elsewhere. It is hard to remember sometimes that it is the ego that tells us we need to be healers. It is the ego that tells us that our day job isn’t good enough. It may be that we have a strong urge to be a healer, we have psychic powers, or we talk to dead people. That is the ego talking. The only purpose I have ever found for us to be on this planet is to play the game of life and have fun doing it. We get further down the life path when we help other people without expectation of reward or recognition. We do it just because that is part of the plan. The world needs clerks, lawyers, nurses, construction workers, cab drivers, too. The world needs a lot more spiritual lawyers, politicians, judges, soldiers, and police, than it needs more spiritual healers.

(3) WE ARE NOT THE DOER. We do not heal anybody. What we do is hold space and time for our clients to heal themselves. That is why doubt is such a block to healing. If the client is lazy or is invested in being sick (even if they swear they want to heal), they will not heal. The fact that we need the fee more than we want to practice spiritual integrity makes us do the healing anyway and then we feel inept or unworthy when they don’t heal. If we know the client won’t heal because they don’t want to heal, and we do a healing anyway, suffering is sure to follow.

(4) DON’T GIVE A HEALING TO SOMEONE WHO HASN’T ASKED FOR IT. This is the biggest trap we fall into. We all feel for those less fortunate than us, but to take action and send a healing to someone that doesn’t know we are doing it or has asked for it activates the ego and causes great suffering. The first thing we forget that those who are suffering, including us, created all of the suffering of the world. This is their karma and there are consequences for those who interfere with the orderly operation of karma. If we interfere with the operation of karma, it has to go somewhere, and it goes to us. So the next time we want to go send healing to someone we don’t know and haven’t been asked to heal, get ready, because the karma that caused their suffering will come to our door. Are you ready for that? If we want to help those people, then we must heal ourselves and stop looking at the problem. We have to fill ourselves with love and allow grace to radiate out from our hearts to those that need it. That is far more effective than healing circles or meditation groups who send healing out into the world.

(5) COMMON SENSE OVER SPIRITUAL SENSE. The reality is there are a lot of healers competing for client dollars. Hopefully in the years to come we will see these healers pulling together in a cooperative way to provide services to those that need it. Until then, understand that very few people get rich in the spiritual world. That is the nature of the spiritual world, it detaches from the material world. So if you don’t have the resources, don’t quit your day job! If you are in a relationship, it is a fact that a lot of relationships end when one or both members start evolving. It does happen that both members of the relationship can evolve at the same rate and stay together. I hope that is so for you.

Enlightenment comes to those who call for it. It is our birthright. We do not need to quit our day jobs and join a monastery or cloister. We do not have to be psychic or see stuff other people don’t see. Most of that stuff is the ego anyway. The best way to live an enlightened life is to help those who ask, be compassionate, listen sincerely, speak kindly to others and smile. I am always surprised how many people help others and them by doing that.

Author's Bio: 

James Robinson has enough life experiences to fill five biographies. A trial lawyer for almost 30 years, a cattle rancher, horse trainer, dog breeder, restauranteur, alternative healer, international seminar leader, ordained minister and deacon, father, surivor of two marriages, and international entrepeneur, James has been successful in everything he has done. He has studied with philosophers, internationally known gurus, healers and sages. Through all of his trials, tribulations, successes and especially his failures, James has learned a lot of lessons about suffering, pain and happiness. He has written scores of articles and regularly shares his wisdom on the internet, facebook, twitter and James regularly travels to all four corners of the world to share his wisdom, healing and humor.