Everyone has problems. If you don’t have any problems, you are most likely dead or delusional.

Problems are like loose change. You find them ‘around’ you. You find it in your sofa or chair, on the floor of your car, on the dressing table. There is usually not enough value yet to really pay attention to unless it really starts building up. (This is also how most people look at problems. They are ignored until they get big enough.) After you accumulate enough in one place, you need to do something with it.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bank…

I have had banks want to charge me for recounting, even weigh-counting my change before they change it, or even deposit it. I have signed release forms for coins I have packaged prior to taking them in. I have had stores refuse payment for goods if I was attempting to clear my change by buying my groceries with it. (The most amusing excuse given was the checkout attendant was not going to spend time counting it, even though I was the only person in the store.) And I was taught that “money IS money”. I guess ‘change’ is no longer considered money.

The reason I am telling you such a silly, but true, story is to show you how problems can be created around you without you even being aware of them. And yes, we attract our problems to us. So, what was my lesson from this? Don’t let my change build up; spend it when I get it. Not frivolously, just give the teller close to the right amount as you can. Look at it as a small mental exercise each time you do it. WOW! Problem solved!

What about the problems that are created right in front of you? What you need is the equivalent to the “Get Out of Jail FREE” Card. You need Solutions. Sometimes you can even buy a solution, but that may cause other problems.


So now you have decided what you really want are solutions. So how do you know the solution you have is the right solution for you? Yes, quite often you will find that your problem has grown legs and chest hair, and is running on its’ own steam, while you were finding a solution. Your solution will no longer work. You took too long to find it, or whatever. Funny, that solution worked for everyone else, why didn’t it work for you? To put it simply, you looked for it in the wrong place.

Most people find solutions by asking others. Maybe you even Google how to solve your problem. Maybe the problem is embarrassing, so you don’t give all the details to the ‘Problem Solver’. Now you have caused another problem, by wasting time and energy in the wrong direction. And you still don’t have the correct solution for your problem.

There is another way, a perfect way, to find the best solution for you. No, I did not say to “Let your Fingers do the Walking in the Yellow Pages”. What I am talking about is letting your mind work out the solution for you.

There are many methods to do this. I will give you the three most common methods:

Sleep on it.

This is proven to be the easiest way to solve problems. When you get ready to go to sleep, you tell your mind to give you the solution to your problem. When you wake up, you know the answer.

Meditate on it.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It is a great way to gain access to your mind to help you accomplish things in your daily life. Since there are different ways that people meditate, some methods may not be geared into problem solving. Use a method that is.

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