In my opinion when it comes to exercise short term programmes don’t work, people need long term support. This was discussed at a conference for exercise professionals I was at recently, bearing in mind nearly every other trainer in the room had a short term 14/21/28 day transformation programme this was not what everyone wanted to hear.

We spoke about how people see results and maybe reach their goal then they are back a few months later having put all the weight back on wanting to do the transformation again, I've seen it many times. In my experience (and in the opinion of other top coaches around the country) most people initially see some success, lose weight and achieve their goal.

Then at some point further down the line they start to go backwards and slip into their old routines. The hard bit is done e.g. losing all the weight and making the big changes at the start, then when we are in better shape we can’t actually maintain it for the long term unfortunately.

Its illogical.

Why does this happen?

Permanent behavioural change takes more time – it is a scientific fact you just can’t rush through all these changes and make all the changes in a short time. Think about it, it is usually not just one thing which we are trying to change it is a lot of things.

What can we do?

Start with the right outlook, be realistic, anything really worth having takes time. That said, you can make progress in a short space of time but it means nothing if you put it all back on the following month.

Start with a plan, I would say a goal of 9-12 months is a good one. The best part of a year being the new you, with new routines. Break it up into blocks of 21 day transformations, if that works for you, but the ultimate goal should be at least 9 months.

After this amount of time invested, a more permanent change will have taken place. You will be pretty amazed by the changes and hopefully proud of yourself. Hopefully you won’t want to throw away what you have done. Then there really will be a newer more improved version of you.

Some people spend years and years trying to get in shape, for the average woman its 30 years. Do it once properly, and put it to bed so you can get on with enjoying your life.

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