Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying "the secret" is not a good book or movie. I'm also not saying anything against the teachers who appeared in it. They are all wonderful people who have achieved extra-ordinary things in their lives. I also don't doubt for a minute that things happened for them, the way they said it happened.

All in all, the secret is a wonderful tool, except... the context is ignored.

You see in every event, every human experience, there is a context.

That is why you will not necessarily achieve what I achieved, unless you factor in and recreate the context.

Just because John Asharraf visualized and achieved his house doesn't mean you'll get the exact same result.

That's why when scientists study a particular phenomenon, they want to account for every single variable.

For example, if you make a claim that you ran 200 miles non-stop (which is something no-one has done before), researchers would want to know:

- Did you exercise before you ran? If yes for how long?
- What type of exercise did you do?
- did you eat before you ran, and if so what did you eat? (perhaps this gave you extra strength)
- did you use any performance enhancing drug?
- What was you weight?
- Have you been running prior to this event? If yes for how long?
- What was your mindset, before and during the event? Did you believe you could do it?
- Did you visualize yourself and what exactly did you visualize?
- What type of surface did you run on?
- What type of shoes did you use?
- What was the weather like when you ran? Whas it hot or cold?
- What was your age when you did the run?

Then they would attempt to recreate your run, by duplicating every variable (food, drugs, equipment, training, mindset, weather, etc.)

However, with the secret all of that context is absent. All you know is that John Asharraf visualized daily and got the house and everything else he visualized.

We don't know if visualizing is all he did or whether he had other skills that he employed.

I don't want you to discount the context for a second, because it is very, very important. Even the smallest variable can make a difference in your results.

And before you say, "but you can't compare the law of attraction and science. I've got that covered too, because the law of attraction is a matter of science. After all, it is quantum physicists who told us that the Universe is made up of energy.

Just yesterday I visited one website where john Asharraf was being interviewed and talked about how he manifested his dreams. There were over a hundred comments of ordinary people who are desperate to make their dreams come true, who proclaimed how excited they are for that information.

Now, I'm not saying that they will not be able to replicate John's success. They certainly could, but I know for a fact that millions of people like them have ended up disillusioned and regard themselves as failures, because they have been unable to reproduce the success of The Secret's teachers.

If you or somone you know have tried to manifest your desires after what you've seen or read in the secret, yet failed. Then here is what I want you to know, you may not have had all the information. Don't give up hope.

You can still make it. You deserve to make your dreams come true.

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Jimmy Roos has tried tens of self improvement products, so you don't have to. He knows what works and what doesn't. To take advantage of his experience and catapult your life to the next level visit now!