When two parties are involved in an exchange of services , there often arise disputes that can derail the smooth working of the process. In these cases an arbitration lawyer can be of much help. Here is all you need to know about the process of arbitration and the role of the arbitration lawyer.

What is arbitration?

When there is a legal tussle between two parties, the process of arbitration sets in as a possible means of resolving the conflict without going to the courts. In certain cases the parties voluntarily agree between themselves that they will use arbitration to resolve the issue. IN certain other cases, the process of arbitration is binding to the two parties. There are certain agreements like employment agreements that have the process of arbitration as an inherent process.

Arbitration is carried out by an individual who is known as the arbitrator. He or she is a neutral third party who will listen to the claims made by both the parties and makes a binding decision which the two parties have to abide by. This is known as the arbitration award.

When is arbitration used?

There are certain disputes that cannot be resolved by arbitration. These are disputes that are mandated by state and federal law and need to go through the courts. In the balance of the cases, most all of the disputes that arise between two private parties can be resolved through successful arbitration. Examples are contract disputes and commercial disputes.

How does the process of arbitration work?

When the two parties agree to arbitration, they select an arbitrator from an arbitration organization. The arbitration organization will lay down the rules of the process as to how the matter will be arbitrated.  In the case of mandatory arbitration, the arbitration clause will of course name the arbitration organization to be used. The party wishing for the arbitration will send a notice to the other party following which the arbitrator is chosen and the arbitration process commences.

What is the arbitration award?
After the arbitration hearing has concluded, the arbitrator will take stock of the evidence presented by both sides. After evaluating the evidence, the arbitrator will issue his decision which is known as the arbitration award. In most cases the decision made by the arbitrator will benefit both the parties and provide them with a measure of relief.

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