Most salespeople have never received a proper education in selling and therefore do not have processes and strategies to use when trying to access and develop relationships with C-Levels and C-Suite executives. In actuality, most learn by trial and error, and errors cause rejections and failures. For example many sales people, will just call directly to C-Levels or C-Suite executives for an appointment. As a result, they get blocked or hear some sort of excuse, such as, too busy, it’s been delegated, not interested or some other random comment.

C-Levels and C-Suite relationships are very powerful and useful tools for selling success. These relationships can be leveraged to avoid bidding, pricing problems, budgeting issues, and provide competitive advantages. These C-Levels and C-Suite executive relationships can also yield more introductions and referrals. The more C-Levels and C-Suite relationships one has, the easier the sale, more sales and cross sales. However gaining access to C-Levels and C-Suite executives may be difficult and if you can’t gain access, there will be no relationship.

So what is this process to gain access to C-Levels and C-Suite executives? It’s called networking. First, gain the support of subordinates and/or associates. These people have access and credibility. Those without credibility who try to go immediately to the top will usually struggle. Subordinates who you’ve helped by showing them they can win with you or have won by receiving results from you will introduce you, if you ask and if they are able.

This is the networking process of TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$. Ask the subordinates with whom you’ve established relationships to introduce you to others, especially the C-Suite executives. Don’t expect your relationships to introduce you without asking. They won’t be chasing you down the corridor trying to grab you to make introductions. Also, don’t ask your relationships to deliver your messages and/or promote your sales. That’s your responsibility. Just get them to introduce you.

Using your relationship with a subordinates or associates who has credibility with the C-Levels and C-Suite executives is a powerful way for you to gain access and instant credibility with C-Level executives. It’s called “transferred credibility”, and it will help immensely to grab a C-Suite executive’s attention. However, it’s yours to lose the minute you open your mouth. So your next challenge will be to hold that C-Level’s attention by engaging him or her. You can do this by making it all about him or her in your interview process, and we’ll discuss this part of the C-Levels and C-Suite strategy in another nugget.

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Putting a process in place—and following it—is key to meeting, getting to know, and maintaining the relationship with an executive, the true decision maker. (True)

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