It is quite an ordeal to strive and achieve an aesthetically pleasing body, whether through surgery or engaging in an intense exercise routine. But when procrastination with the exercise routine hits, many take a step to undergo surgery for attaining the ideal body. One such procedure that gives the best results is Liposuction.

Many hold their breaths before opting for liposuction, but once they finally undergo the procedure, the recovery snaps them back to reality. Most of them are first-time liposuction patients and therefore only have a vague idea of what the process of recovery is like. Moreover, today's less-invasive technology and tiny incisions; recovery from liposuction is relatively easy compared to other body procedures.

Recovery time of Liposuction

If your liposuction is conducted on an outpatient basis, you will have to stay for a few hours and then leave. You can even get back to your normal daily schedule. In the case of laser liposuction, the recovery is pretty quick. But, most of the times patients are advised to go easy on yourself and avoid too much physical stress. The pain, soreness, swelling or bruising will go away after a few weeks.

Results of Liposuction

Patients opting for this procedure should understand that results differ from patient to patient. Do not compare your results with other people. Even if you had the best liposuction experience, fat may find its way to other parts of the body. To avoid this and maintain the liposuction results, keep yourself fit by eating healthy and keep your weight in check. The goal of breaking up with the stubborn fat should be in sync with the clinical possibility of the procedure.

Recovery tips after liposuction

The most important part of your recovery is to follow your doctor's post-operative instructions. Recovery can be uncomfortable and difficult, but you can follow a few of the below-mentioned tips to make it easier.

• Healthy diet – Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, protein. Reduce your intake of salt and sugar. To stay safe from infection, remember to take prescribed antibiotics.
• Stay physically active – Physical activity promotes faster healing by promoting proper blood circulation throughout the body. Take necessary breaks while your activity.
• Avoid physical stress – Avoid any exhaustive functions for at least six weeks. Give your body sufficient time to heal.
• Hydration – Water is an essential part of the human body. Stay hydrated to clean out your systems and get rid of impurities. Instead of caffeinated drinks, opt for tea, milk, water, or fruit juice.
• Compression garments – These comfortable garments assist in providing a recovery period conducive to proper healing. They provide support and a snug fit. Avoid using tight-belts and waistbands. Wearing a compression garment achieves desired body contour, lessens bruising and swelling as well as smoothens the skin while inducing quicker healing.
Massage – The aim of massage after liposuction is to expel lymph fluid and increase circulation. While some doctors do not recommend and some do. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of massage.

These tips will ensure quick recovery so that you can cherish your long-lasting liposuction results for years to come. Remember that every patient will experience the different processes of recovery depending on their body type and how closely they follow the post-surgical instructions.

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