Psychics use a variety of mental tools to identify different aspects of an individual’s life and emotional paths, but did you know that many of those mental tools can be practised for your own mental health and desires? One of the most well-known secrets for psychics who specifically focus on love readings is the Psychic law of attraction. What is the law of attraction? Psychics refer to this as matching one’s psychic vibrational energies to something that they want, and that by doing so, the vibrational energies will attract each other and you will unite with what you want. In the simplest terms? If you think of it, it will come to you. If you want it enough, it will arrive.

The most valuable and precious skill and natural talent of the human being is their capacity for complex thought. Having thoughts equals that you will have power over your surroundings on some level. After all, free thought is as simple as breathing, and is a natural state of mind. So, in order to harness all of that power, you need to learn how to focus your thoughts. For example, if you constantly focus on how much money you don’t have, then you will probably continue to remain in the same position you are in, with feeling as though you live from pay check to pay check. On the other hand, if you focus your thoughts on being wealthy, of utilising that money, then you will see a return on that mental investment, and you will see an increase in your monetary status. Don’t think about how you want to be wealthy, though, because then you are focusing on the affirmation that you do not currently have the wealth, so the wealth won’t be attracted. By thinking “I am wealthy,” the wealth will be attracted to you, as you already match it vibrationally.

In this same way, many times, individuals who are no longer “looking” for love, find a perfect partner shows up when they least expect it. Why? This is a perfect example of the law of attraction in action. One of the major tenets of the law of attraction is that you must feel what you want to feel. Often, people no longer looking for love are happy with who they are. They are satisfied and confident. By feeling this way, others will be drawn to them to create a healthy unity.

The same goes for creative daydreamers. If you are daydreaming about being the things you want to be, then you’ll be able to see those desires come to fruition much faster than if you just only focus on being bogged down.

So, at the end of the day, if you want something, then don’t think about how much you want it: think about it as though you already have it. In fact, one of my favourite musicals of all time sums it up quite well: Don’t dream it. Be it.

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