This article is going to be very different than my other articles so far. It isn’t about ascension, per se, but I feel it needs to be said because it’s an important subject, even if it is on a lower level of experience and awareness.

I used to work as a psychic. People would come to me and ask things like, “Should I leave my boyfriend? Is he wrong for me? Can I trust him?” and “Is it a good time to move, and where should I move to?” and “Why do I act like that and why can’t I change?” and “What do you see for me in my future, with relationships, money, career, and whatever else?” “Did I make the right decision with that?”

Well, the thing was, that I really wanted to do spiritual counseling, and I really just wanted to channel spiritual guidance; but any place I could choose to work where I lived was emphasizing psychic readings, and de-emphasizing although allowing the spiritual guidance and things like channeling one’s higher self or ascended masters or angels. Therefore, where I worked, I had to be seen as “one of the psychics,” and as a “psychic,” I was required to answer people’s “psychic questions.” I would mix into it as much spiritual truth and advice that I could mix in, and I would emphasize channeling higher truths and advice and I would de-emphasize giving psychic information; but still, people were always asking me those psychic questions and I didn’t feel real comfortable with that, and so what I would do was, I would get them to intuit their own answers and then I would help to confirm what they were getting or not; I felt like at least this way, I was showing them how they could intuit for themselves. Of course, where I worked, they didn’t know I was doing that, for if they had known they probably wouldn’t like it too much, since if you teach people how to intuit for themselves, then they won’t need to or want to see a psychic, in which case the place loses their business.

I struggled along with this for quite a few years before deciding that I should quit being a psychic and that I should also quit channeling for people. Why? Because I felt it created a dependency on the psychic and channeler. But there was a lot more to it.

There is a perception I have received many times, and I thought of that perception again this morning and felt that I ought to put it down into an article because I feel it is supremely important. And that is, what people are asking of the psychics is something that they should be asking of God and of their own intuitive higher self. Why go see a psychic if you know that you can pray to God to show you something? All of these questions that people ask psychics, they could be asking those same questions of God, and God would show them the answers. The fact is that they feel unsure that God will answer and they think that if he is answering, they are not able to see what He is saying and how He is saying it. But then the psychic’s role could be to help them to see how God has or does answer these questions for them.

The role of the psychic needs to be greatly upleveled. But then when you do that, the counselor is no longer what people call the “psychic,” she/he becomes something else altogether, and it’s not even a spiritual counselor because that implies that the counselor is giving them advice and helping them sort things out…and even that needs to be upleveled into something far greater. People do not need counselors or spiritual advice, nor do they need someone channeling ascended masters or angels for them; why? Because God does all of that for them. They do not see this.

The only thing that would make sense is if you were to teach people how to access their own Inner Christ self for intuitive information and divine guidance, for prophecy, for awareness and discernment; and how to pray to God and how God answers and how to know what is a real answer and a fake answer. This is valuable information.

The problem is that due to socialization and false beliefs, many people are so cut off from God and inner knowing and intuition that they even if they are getting help and information through God and their inner higher selves, they do not trust what they are getting, and plus, they are correct that they could be getting false information or guidance from either their intellect, their desires, or fakir spirits, or influencing entities. So, yes, it can be quite difficult. But going to see psychics and channelers and spiritual counselors is not the answer to it. Seeing someone who can teach you how to do it for yourself and how to trust God might be more valuable, however.

I have come to understand that it is extremely important that people learn how to make their own decisions, intuit for themselves, and get divine guidance and be able to know that it is correct. No one can really do it for you, and if you constantly seek others to validate what you’re getting or to do it for you, this creates problems like dependency on the psychic, not finding out how to do it for yourself, and problems picking the wrong psychics who don’t have the high consciousness that’s needed to give you correct information and guidance that comes straight from God. If you cannot trust your own decisions and intuitions and impressions, how can you be so sure you can trust the psychic’s?

Most if not all psychics are not of a high enough light quotient to be able to give you accurate information and guidance straight from God every single time, and this is because the very nature of their work says they are on lower light quotient levels. If they were on the higher levels and in ascension mode, then they would not be doing psychic work, and they would already know that it is not a good idea to do it for others and they’d know why.

On top of all of that, there are actually still many psychics out there who have none or little real psychic ability and they know how to make it look like they are psychic and wise and they are faking it and they do it just to make money and that’s it. Some might be of a very low level, as well, and be purposely giving you misleading information because they align themselves with dark force and want to put out the light of the lightworkers and just people in general.

One reason people are attracted to psychics or to psychic work is the glamour and seemingly magicalness of it. It seems fun and interesting. It’s like a good novel. Life seems too boring, and you know about esp, and maybe you know you have it, and so you gravitate to making a living or a side income the fun and magical way. But it is a real trap. You are messing around with people’s consciousness and people’s lives. You may genuinely want to help and have a certain amount of power and wisdom; but if you make one little mistake and give someone wrong advice or a wrong future prediction, it could wreak havoc on that person’s life. No psychic is always 100% accurate.
And here’s another important thing to look at. The future can change. Just your telling someone something about their future can cause them to change in themselves, change their directions and actions, thus recreating their future so that your prediction does not happen. But they aren’t realizing this, and so when that future time arrives and your prediction didn’t occur, then they blame you and say you aren’t a good psychic. But that’s neither here nor there, really; my point is that any future prediction is really based on the state of consciousness of the person, and those they are involved with, at the time you give them the reading. People don’t realize this, most psychics don’t realize this, and so they think that this future the psychic is seeing is set in stone. There are a few things in life that I believe are predestined to happen for a soul’s purpose and growth and these events and involvements are bound to happen and cannot be altered; however, these things are few and rare, and most of life can be changed, altered, with a change in consciousness and usually most events are not set in stone.

So future prediction is not really future prediction because this thought implies that the future seen is set in stone and if the psychic’s future prediction doesn’t happen everyone including the psychic thinks that the psychic made some sort of mistake.

Okay, now I’m going to switch gears and talk about another aspect of psychics, and this concept goes way beyond just psychics, as well. I find it in popular songs all of the time, especially the older ones…lyrics saying things like, “You are my everything, what would I ever be without you, you are my light, my healing, my helper, and I cannot live without you, I have nothing if I can’t have you…” and on and on. This attitude, which also creates serious depression and heartbreak with the loss of such a loved one, comes from a disconnection from God and Jesus. People put everything into their relationships and expect something from them that really only God can permanently and forever give to them. The things these songs are saying about love relationships are things they should be saying to God, not to people. No person is that perfect and that much for them to match what God and Jesus can be and do for them. People leave, relationships break up, people die….but when you have a really strong inner peace and connection to God, then when that person is gone you still have God and God gives more to you than any person ever could.

People do not really need therapist, spiritual advisors, channelers, or psychics. They need God’s guidance and knowing how to recognize it and access it. They need to learn how to talk with Jesus, how to feel his love vibration in the room, and they need to know that Jesus is the ascended master who is leading this world into its ascension. They need to learn how to access their own accurate intuitions and divine guidance and how to recognize when it isn’t correct and see why it isn’t correct. Anytime to rely on any other person to do it for you, you are in trouble because you aren’t learning it yourself and this is one of the important things to learn in life. Every time you ask someone else for advice, whether it be a friend, a relative or a psychic, you are telling yourself and affirming that 1) you cannot do this yourself; and 2) you don’t know how to access this information from God, your inner Christ self, and from Jesus. And you are putting people on a pedestal, thinking they are tantamount to God and Jesus and have more power and wisdom than you do. And a lot of their advice comes from their own intellect and what they may think is guidance and intuition but which is not. Beware.

Where does the real truth come from? Does it come from books, teachers, ministers, religions? No. It comes from inside the self. Others can be helpful, but you always have to ultimately check what they said against what your inner knowing and intuition tells you is true or false. Just because someone calls themselves an expert doesn’t mean they are right about anything or everything.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t listen to others’ wisdom, as it can be helpful; but I am saying turning to psychics is really detrimental to you and to your life. It’s one thing to read an article or a book and then decide what you think is true and false within it…in that case, you decide; but to see a psychic and expect they are right about everything and that they have some special esp power that you do not and cannot have, that they know as much what’s good advice for you personally as God or Jesus does, well, then you’re on a downhill track.

However, with all of this said, there are some positive aspects to psychis. For one thing, psychics who help the police force solve cases are very helpful, and I see no problem with that, other than the policeman or detective must realize that the psychic could be wrong sometimes or misinterpret what they are getting, and they must realize that futures can change and are not set in stone. The policeman should also be working on learning how to get his/her own intuitions and psychic abilities so as to not become so dependent on psychics, plus develop more spiritual wisdom and awareness and a closer connection to God and Jesus and their guidance and assistance.

Some people go to a psychic and then they check their information against their own intuitions. They go to a psychic to get confirmations of what they themselves are already getting intuitively. This is on a higher level of it, but it is still not wise. Think about it. Why do you need confirmation from another person, and how can you be sure that you both are incorrect? You must learn how to receive intuitions and guidance directly from God and God within you, and Jesus is the only one you should be consulting in an interactive q & a form.

I am, however, aware that others are on the level of Jesus, and that one can also talk with and channel other ascended beings that are much like Jesus; however, I still recommend that you primarily channel Jesus, and if others come in to give you messages, be very very careful that they are not fakir spirits. Having some sort of teaching, some sort of system, that gives you safeguards to double check for accurate channeling and teaches you how to know if it is a fakir or a real ascended spirit, this is highest wisdom. Jesus is the easiest to accurately channel because you can sense his presence in the room so strongly and it feels like purest love and bliss.

Finding the real truth about anything, and finding the correct guidance about anything, needs to come from your own inner higher self, God or Jesus, and perhaps occasionally from an ascended being on the level of Jesus. Don’t see relationships as if they were God relationships, and don’t see psychics as your intuition and divine guidance.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is a minister, social worker, artist and writer. She writes about enlightenment levels and ascension.