Psychic senses come in many forms. Most people know about clairvoyance, but I wanted to list the rest of the “clair-s” so that you are familiar with them all. You may have one or more of the following, but usually one is stronger than the others in each individual.

-Clairvoyance - I thought I would start with the easiest. Clairvoyants see visions in their mind. You may have the impression that this is the only way to psychically know something, but don’t limit yourself to this way of thinking. There are other ways too.

-Clairsentience - Clairsentients are empathic and feel energies around them. I often feel in my body where I am supposed to give reiki next on a person. I feel people’s moods and they can overtake my own emotions. Thankfully, there are methods to counteract this "vaccuming" of emotions.

-Claircognizance – Also known as clair-recognition. This is about a sense of knowing. “People often confuse this with clairsentience. This is the ability to know something that no one tells them and it is not something they have read before. They just simply know it. It is an inner feeling, gut feeling, something which is just known. They have an ability to answer questions and back them up with facts; when before they did not know anything.”* It doesn’t necessarily have to be about facts in a book, but you just suddenly know something in your mind. This is a very common way of manifesting psychic ability. So, if you don’t ‘see’ something but know it then don’t judge yourself. This is a very powerful psychic ability. While I normally see things, they are vague images. It’s the inner knowing that comes with it that is stronger for me.

-Clairaudience – Clairaudients hear voices from guides, spirits etc. in their mind other than their own. I have only had this type of message on a few occasions, but many psychics have this method of knowing. Clairaudience can also come in the form of messages from people in the real world. So, pay attention to what people are saying to you. You will know instinctively if what someone is saying is a message from the Universe or not.

-Clairolfaction – Also known as clairolfactory, clair-smelling or psychic-smelling. It is said that there are those that ‘smell’ energies such as diseases in people. I can’t smell diseases or energy in people. However, after my reiki master attunement, I would often smell roses that weren’t there. Once I was reading a book and started to smell roses and in the next paragraph the book mentioned roses. I have smelled lavender while driving my car and there certainly wasn’t any lavender in my car. I believe my spirit guides were sending me messages that they were there with me.

-Clairgustant – Also known as clair-taste or psychic-tasting. This is when you literally taste something in your mouth that you did not consume. Within a couple of hours of my master attunement, I rode the train home. Within a minute or two I was surrounded by people and my mouth had a blast of spearmint gum. I wasn’t smelling it from someone else I was literally tasting it in my mouth. It was as though I just put the gum in my mouth, but I didn’t have any gum. I knew that someone near me must have been chewing gum. Within a few minutes the person standing in front of me turned around and I could see that he was the gum chewer. The next day I tasted garlic bread in my mouth in much the same way. It was not from me but the taste was powerfully strong. I suppose it’s a great way to lose weight; I had the taste without the calories!

We are all intuitive. Society may have taught us to fear our psychic nature, but that doesn't mean you do not have certain skills. There are many exercises to enhance your innate abilities. The more you practice the stronger your intuition will grow. Just remember whatever way you experience psychic abilities is fantastic. There is no need to try to be like the next guy. The gifts you have been given are perfectly made just for you.

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Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

*Taken from Psychics at Mystic,

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LISA TUNNEY is a metaphysician who has an accessible approach. She is an inspirational writer, reiki master, spiritual life coach and a shamanic practitioner. She has finished her first inspirational book and is working on her second. Lisa holds a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and has completed her studies for her M.S. in Metaphysics from The American Institute of Holistic Theology. She is an American who is currently fulfilling a lifelong dream by living in France. She hopes to share her experiences to help others on their journeys toward Enlightenment. Namaste!