The use of a fake ID is a common practice among teenagers and young adults in the United States. In fact, many people have been caught lying about their age to get into bars or clubs just so they can drink alcohol.

Why Do People Use Fake Ids
You might be surprised to learn that the most common reason people use a fake ID is not to purchase alcohol or get into clubs. In fact, most people who use them are under 21 and simply want to get into an R-rated movie.

Here's why: The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has set up a system where any film rated PG-13 or below must be labeled as such by your theater before it can show the movie. This system also prevents theaters from showing R-rated films without labeling them as such--meaning that if you don't see "Rated R" on your ticket stub, then you know your theater isn't following protocol.

Some theaters will let you in anyway if they think you look young enough--but this can result in awkward situations when they realize their mistake too late; and even worse, some theater employees won't allow minors at all unless they have ID! So why risk it? Get yourself some quality fakes instead!
How Can You Avoid Getting Caught Using A Fake Id
In order to avoid getting caught, it's important to use a fake id that looks real. This means not using an ID that is too good or too bad--and definitely not one where you can trace it back to yourself!

A good rule of thumb is this: if the person checking your ID thinks it might be fake, then they're going to call over their manager or supervisor. That's when things start getting complicated and messy (i.e., they'll ask questions). If they don't think there's anything wrong with your ID at all, then everything should go smoothly and quickly without any issues popping up along the way.

The Psychology Behind Using A Fake Id Is More Complicated Than It Seems
That's because there are many different reasons why people use the cards, and they don't all stem from wanting to get into bars or clubs. For some college students, who may not be old enough to drink, having a fake ID can help them avoid awkward conversations with bartenders who ask for identification when they order drinks at an off-campus bar or restaurant. For others, fakes offer them peace of mind in case they ever find themselves in an emergency situation where hospitals or police officers ask for proof that they are over 21 years old (such as after being involved in an accident). And then there are those who simply enjoy seeing how far they can push their luck--and if that means getting caught once or twice along the way?'s worth it!
But while most people know what happens when you get caught using a fake--you're likely going straight from jail cell back home--few understand just how much money goes into making these illicit documents work so well:

In the end, it's important to remember that using a fake ID is a risky business. You never know when someone will call you out on your ID or turn it into the police. The safest way to avoid getting caught using an ID that isn't yours is by not using one at all!

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A good rule of thumb is this: if the person checking your ID thinks it might be fake, then they're going to call over their manager or supervisor.